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“So no matter how much you think about being successful, wealthy or loved, unless you believe you are, you are not resonating that frequency.”

Edel is a woman of many talents. She is a Mentor (Coach), Writer, Transformational Speaker, Published Author, and a Leading Expert in Energetic Communications. She is the proud author of four published books: 7 Systems to Success, 21 Steps to Confidence, Path of the Peaceful Warrior, and Attracting Your Perfect Partner.

Her previous clients include a Hollywood director, and singer LaurenDyson who then went on to have a Double Gold record.

Edel O’Mahony, Path of the Peaceful Warrior - Expert in Energetic Communications

MO: What is Energetic Communications?

Edel: We live in an energetic Universe, what you are not told is that energy does not hear words – it feels vibrational frequency. So no matter how much you think about being successful, wealthy or loved, unless you believe you are, you are not resonating that frequency.

All through history there were individuals who understood that our real power came from our energy essence and finally science has now caught up and verified that we are constituted of energy (molecules, atoms, sub atomic particles), this energy works through frequency which we resonate out.

In the 1920s Dr Royal Rife created a frequency monitoring machine which in clinical trials cured 1,000 of cancer by altering their frequency. In 1992 Bruce Tanio of Tanio Technologies created a BT3 frequency monitoring machine, which showed the frequency of plants, soil and human organs and cells. Today we have cellular biologists such as Dr Bruce Lipton who have now scientifically proved that our cells take their signal from our beliefs.

So energetic communication is learning how to communicate in energy’s language by understanding the frequencies you resonate and that of people and experiences around you.

MO: Why is Energetic Communications important in everyday life?

Edel: Well you know how people are told they need to be positive? What most people are not told is the science and facts of why it is so important to be positive, this is what I teach. You see, a healthy body resonates at 76 -83Hz, cold , flu and illness begin at 57-60Hz and receptors to cancer at 42Hz, so the lower the body frequency the more the immune system becomes compromised and illness begins.

It is also that by resonating out these low frequencies we attract back the same frequencies in experiences and opportunities as the Universal law states ‘what is like unto itself is drawn’. Energy will only attract back the frequencies you resonate. So when you have low self esteem, lack of self worth or confidence, you will be attracting the same frequencies in experiences and opportunities, which then become a cycle of perception that you are not worthy or are unable to achieve your desires.

Once you master your beliefs and so resonate the frequency of abundance, of already being successful, of believing you have money flowing to you, then energy attracts back the same frequencies to you.

The other important element of energetic communications in everyday life is that there never has to be guilt or conflict in your life. Once you understand where others frequency lies and recognize it in situations brought to you, by taking your focus away from the lower frequencies and focusing only on your desires and passions, energy will only attract to you , that which you resonate and frequency that is lower than yours will be moved out of your experience.

There is no guilt or blame, there are only experiences.

MO: What in your background do you believe led you to all of the roles you have today?

Edel: Although I had a very controlled upbringing, I was always aware of my energy. I was astral travelling by the time I was 4 years old, I could sense different energies around me and found things would move by themselves when I was near.

The control carried on into my adult life (attracted to me by my low self worth) and after two very controlling and abusive relationships, I stepped out on my own with 4 young children to support.

Finding strength to carry on I naturally turned to my energy and through a series of synchronicities I developed as a psychic, medium and healer, yet I still had many questions and left that development to pursue the answers by myself.

I began a career in corporate finance and found my desire for creating a high income to support my children was bringing opportunities to me to keep raising my salary. I also found in each of these contracts I would be presented with someone who needed help with their personal life or self worth and I would help them understand about energy and how we can connect to it.

This area gave me so much joy, to see people make massive changes in their lives, it finally sunk in (after my frequency hit an all time low and I ended up having a hysterectomy) I was not living what I loved to do and that was helping others. I was even given the answer from energy when I asked ‘Why do I go through all this abuse? ‘I had the answer’ You had to suffer to understand the suffering in others’. Then I realized that our lives are all about experiences, not the ‘having it all’, ‘getting it all done’, we will never get it all done, it definitely is the journey not the final destination!

It still took me a further two years to finally move out of my financial career, in that time I trained and qualified as a personal and business coach and in thinking of the new career I would create I had a vision and saw myself on stage at the O2 in London! I realized I was not thinking BIG enough! So began to communicate with people across the globe through social media and never looked back!

MO: Out of everything that you do, mentoring, writing, speaking, what is the most rewarding for you and why?

Edel: Being able to help others connect to their energy, to ignite their dynamic spark. I put out messages every day on social media and these are the answers to questions being asked in energy, I had 5,000 people following me in 5 months, yet I knew there are so many people who did not access this medium, so I began to write my books to get to more and more people.

Ultimately my passion is people, my whole business revolves around empowering others to become powerful ‘conscious’ creators. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client begin to make their energetic communication, see the confidence grow, see the transformation in their lives and in their happiness.

MO: You have obviously had some successful clients such as Dyson. Can you tell us about another client whom was successful or you believe you helped through everything you do?

Edel: I have worked with hundreds of people all over the world and many have been financially wealthy but not feeling fulfilled emotionally or having lost the excitement in their lives. However I think the one client who made a huge impact on me was a lady who contacted me through an Internet Café.

She had been involved in an accident at work, been left part paralyzed on one side, with the Insurance finding a loop hole not to pay out. She had lost her job, her home, her dignity and ended up living in the woods penniless and homeless. Now this would be bad enough, this lady lived in Canada and it was the beginning of winter and already reaching -10C. I was in England thousands of miles away when she contacted me saying ‘I don’t know what to do now, I give up’.

I mentored her and explained that she did not need the material trappings to create her new reality, I helped her understand how to communicate with energy, helped her write up ‘gratitude statements’ which I created in my program, helped her find her points of appreciation and begin to focus on her desires to be in accommodation and her injury properly treated.

4 days later I received a message and she told me at 2pm that afternoon her doctor had rung her and said he could treat her after all but to do this she would have to go into a Woman’s Shelter, in her words ‘At 5pm tonight I start my new life’.

I cried I was so happy for her and it showed me energetic communication works!

MO: What is your ultimate goal that you hope to reach through each of your different roles?

Edel: My vision is to open sanctuaries in every city in the world, where anyone can come along and spend days learning how to make their energetic communications, through my program, counseling and holistic therapies. My passion is to make this available to the homeless, those in refuge, those on low income and victims of abuse, giving a 100% supportive environment to facilitate transformation with a 6 month mentoring program on hand for when they return to their regular lives, to assist in keeping the transformation going.

Everything I create now is with this in mind and I know energy is already transmuting to make it happen!

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