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“Time management and productivity is the platform that your entire life is built on, if you don’t have proper techniques in place you will be missing out on really living the life and having the business you love.”

The team at Erica Duran International provides productivity and time management training to small businesses and entrepreneurs through virtual coaching and in-person workshops. They’ve recently added web design, SEO, social media training and marketing plans for their clients because they found those were the areas were most were holding back their success, procrastinating the most on, or getting taken advantage of from other companies. They are excited to soon re-launch a comprehensive planner system to support entrepreneurial women. Most clients sign up for coaching with Erica Duran International to “get more work done”, but actually they learn how to “get more of their life back”.

MO: What inspired you to launch your own company?

Erica: I was always inspired to launch my own company so that I could work from anywhere at anytime. I couldn’t stand being in the traditional corporate environment, getting all my work done in the first two hours of the work day and then being forced to sit there and “look busy” until 5 PM. Then, at times I would even have to stay later into the night – not because of actual work that needed to be done but due to politics. I love working with my own natural inspiration and energy spurts, not because it is 9 AM and I am “supposed” to be working. Also, while growing up I always wanted to do what I loved to make a living. My parents taught me that I would be at a job for 8 hours + per day and I’d better enjoy what I was doing.

MO: Where does your passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses come from?

Erica: One of my favorite parts of business is setting up the company (the logo, website, branding, products/services, etc.) and I used to start several of my own companies just so I could go through the start-up processes. Then, I realized I could just coach other entrepreneurs and live vicariously through their launch. I also have about twenty years of making various mistakes that new business owners can learn from and save tons of their time, money, and spare them from some major stress.

MO: What tips would you give a startup in need of a social media strategy?

Erica: Social media is just another form of marketing. The most important tip I would say would be to define your niche before you start overwhelming yourself and posting everywhere. Every social media site has a distinct culture and reason for existing. Once, you know your target market or niche you can start hunting for large numbers of them gathered together on the various sites and groups within those sites.

MO: Can you elaborate on how you teach your clients to change their entire lifestyle and business and encourage them to never go back to thinking and acting in their “old ways” again?

Erica: Sure, I teach some of the popular productivity and time management techniques and strategies but what is different about my training is that I get down to the core with the client or organization that I am working with. Before I teach any “get more done tricks” we do some clarity exercises of deep thinking and introspection on what they’ve been doing in the past and what they want for their future. Why just get more busy work done if when you are finished you don’t even want the end result? I teach a lot of techniques where once you know the easier, enjoyable, or more efficient way of doing something you would feel foolish going back to doing it the old way. I also teach a lot of techniques that work well for women entrepreneurs and how they think and how they can work using their energy in a better way than the way traditional “9 to 5“ business are set up.

MO: What time management tips would you give to our readers struggling with motivation and productivity? How can they put the proper techniques in place to get more out of both their work and home life?

Erica: I think if they are struggling with motivation and productivity they should get away from their work for a few days and really think about why they are doing something or want to do something. Maybe it is time to let that project go – in being an entrepreneur you should have a passion for what you do and work should just “flow”. Entrepreneurs sometimes get caught up in busy work or doing things that they are not good at because of a limited budget. But, they will never move forward until they let go of some of that control and get some help with data entry, housekeeping, book keeping, web design, etc. These types of tasks they are probably not good at and struggling to learn how to do them. This is a complete waste of time when you can just get some help. Look for ways to automate or delegate these tasks that you are not good at, don’t know how to do, and even the tasks that you maybe very good at but you really shouldn’t be doing yourself. And, don’t feel ashamed to delete projects that you are no longer interested in, you’ll make room for ones you are excited about.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Erica: The most exciting things for me right now both personally and professionally is that I’ve finally got my company to a point where I can work from anywhere – that was what I always wanted. In the past I would often get “stuck” in one geographical area following the money instead of setting the company up to work around my desired lifestyle. I will be traveling a lot more this year and helping my clients virtually – except for the in-person speaking engagements of course.

Also, I’ve decided to re-launch my own comprehensive planner system that supports entrepreneurs and the many facets of our lives and information we need have at our fingertips. For years I had a joint venture to produce these planners with a major corporation, but I’ve decided to do it all under my own branding this time and it is going to be so exciting to see the first sample!


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