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“We offer a lifeline to people at a time when they need it, and it’s driving the incredible demand for our service.”

Best Doctors, Inc. is one of the world’s fastest growing companies.  It brings the expertise of the world’s best 5% of doctors to its members who don’t need to leave their homes.  Best Doctors has pioneered a new service, Clinical Advocacy, which is focused on helping people get the right diagnosis and right treatment.  Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School professors, the company serves nearly 30 million members in over 40 countries, including the US.  Best Doctors assembles and reviews members’ detailed medical history and information, and consults with renowned experts in the exact issues and conditions the member faces to find solutions, very often saving lives and resources in the process.

MO: Tell us about your background and how it led you to creating Best Doctors, Inc.?

Evan: The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.  My father, Dr. Kenneth H. Falchuk, launched Best Doctors in 1989. His family is from Venezuela, and after he graduated from Harvard Medical School, he wanted to give back to people there.  He did for people in Latin America what he did for all of his patients – he listened to them, spent time thinking about their care, consulted with experts, and helped patients be sure they got the right care.  I remember he’d come home at night, and sometimes spend half the night on the phone talking to doctors and patients in Venezuela.   It was very inspiring. He spent so much time helping people who weren’t actually his patients that one day he thought, “Wow, there’s a business here.”

As for me, I became an attorney and practiced law at a big firm in Washington, D.C. for about six years.  But I must have inherited some of my father’s entrepreneurial spirit, because I was constantly fascinated by what he was trying to do with the company.  When I joined Best Doctors in 1999, we had maybe 10 employees, and it was a big, but exciting, change for me.  What really got me motivated was the idea that at Best Doctors I was part of something important – really changing the way people experience health care around the world.  We impact people’s lives in real, meaningful ways, and you can’t beat that.

MO: You are serving clients in every major region of the world now, in dozens of countries. How did the business scale so quickly?

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