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“We are in the people business, and to be successful you need to make your product personal.”

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FindHire makes the job of hiring easier. They develop innovative recruiting software that increases the effectiveness of hiring talented professionals on a global scale. It’s their mission to make life as a recruiter easier, and to also make the tedious job of hiring more enjoyable. FindHire’s interface puts talent in the palm of your hand; on your smart pad, desktop, or even on your phone.

Michael Dennis is the CEO and Founder of FindHire, an innovative sourcing, interviewing, and hiring software platform.

MO: Where did the idea for FindHire come from?

Michael: Well, after years of experience in the recruitment field witnessing many time-wasting software, I realized I needed to fix this broken process and help people enjoy recruiting again. In partnership with my childhood friend, Ryan, a programming guru, we started building the next generation of HR software in FindHire. Our hope is to alter the way companies hire, make the process more fun, and easier to manage.

MO: How have you taken the tedious task for sourcing talent and made it a fun process?

Michael: I have been a recruiter for more than seven years and have used just about every software out there. So if I know anything, I know this: We are in the people business, and to be successful you need to make your product personal. With FindHire, the features available actually save a lot of time for both employers and job seekers. At the same time, our product is set up similar to a social networking site with a social feed, status updates, and means to message candidates.

MO: Can you walk us through how the process works for both employers and job seekers?

Michael: As an employer, using FindHire streamlines your hiring process into one, easy-to-use system. You can open and close job postings, syndicate these postings to other job boards, and screen job candidate resumes using our FindWords technology. Once you’ve screened resumes, you can look at your top candidate’s social profiles, schedule interviews, and update you calendar all through FindHire. FindHire also offers real-time analytics on recruiter and job board performance.

Job seekers have a lot to gain from FindHire too. Users can upload a variety of resumes and cover letters in one space. FindHire removes the separation between the job seeker and employer. We allow recruiters and job seekers to communicate via the social feed or schedule a video chat using our virtual conference room.

MO: Can you talk about your strategy to become the one source that companies can rely on to find quality talent and save them time and money?

Michael: Our plan is to scale our company to accommodate the hiring needs of all start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. We are in the process of raising a Series A round of capital. On the hiring front, we would love to find rock star sales professionals and developers. We have already had more than 40,000 job seekers registered on FindHire. Our reach is projected to expand to more than 100,000 people this year — and as long as we keep it simple and a valuable resource, we think we will continue to grow.

MO: What are some trends in the employment industry that you’re excited about?

Michael: Right now we’re really excited about video and we’re looking to expand into that space. Not just the video resume field, but we have some other ideas on how to incorporate video into the hiring process and our platform. We are also creating a really smart way to help job seekers find relevant jobs and apply to them automatically. For employers we are building a social collaboration feature, so you can work with other recruiters in your network or on your team to share candidates in a Twitter-like dashboard.

MO: How important is social media when it comes to looking for a new job?

Michael: Social media has really opened up a lot of doors for job seekers and employers looking to hire. I think sites like LinkedIn can be good to increase your visibility to prospective employers and recruiters in a professional way. I don’t think that focusing your job search or looking at job postings only on sites like Twitter is effective. It is still a jumble of information and mainly spam, so I recommend that job seekers use Twitter to create a strong profile but use other sites for your job hunting as well.


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