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“Almost every day we are breaking records in terms of sales and visitors.”

Jochem Vroom started to lay the foundations for what would become the biggest discount code website in the Netherlands in the beginning of 2009. Imbull is now a leader in the field of discount codes and a major player in the European affiliate marketing world. With websites like Actiecode.nl and Kortingscode.nl, Imbull creates exposure for thousands of online shops and sees more than 40,000 online shoppers visit the portals every day. The Imbull team is now taking their vast experience and focusing it on their new site, Flipit.com, an international portal already live in fourteen countries and growing.


BusinessInterviews.com: How did you manage to start Imbull with zero sales and no funding into becoming one of the main competitors in the coupon-site industry in the Netherlands and beyond?

Jochem: On day one we started with building small websites with info and stuff about how to save money online. While we were building our first couponing website we saw how much our visitors and advertisers liked this. At that time not many competitors took the rising couponing industry very seriously. We did. We really went ‘all-in’ for a market that didn’t really exist yet. We did this by simply investing everything we had into our websites and creating serious / optimized platforms instead of the simple blogs that our competitors used.

When the market exploded (like 300% growth every year) in popularity we were ready for it. And now almost five years later we have already built a solid position as the market leader in the Netherlands & Belgium and are now expanding fast to all other markets out there with Flipit.com.

BusinessInterviews.com: How are you changing the way that people save money?

Jochem: We are not just a couponing website; we want to offer much more than just ‘collecting coupons’. We want to provide a better shopping experience by helping out our visitors in several ways: by giving them saving guides, helping them with their shopping, providing them with personalized coupons and giving away lots of free gadgets from our advertisers. And all of this on one global brand.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice would you give to someone who is visiting Flipit.com for their first time?

Jochem: First of all: Check out all the amazing coupons and discounts for the retailers in your country. See if you can save a few bucks on a good purchase. After that, create a personal profile on the site and come back regularly. This is just the start of the machine we are building; many things will change next few months. We already collected thousands of comments from our users and are now starting to update the website on a weekly base into our end product: The perfect money-saving experience.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you talk about your ideas and plans to bring an entirely new and modern design to the coupon site industry?

Jochem: We want to compete and become the biggest voucher website out there. For that we need to change the game entirely. Change the way people save online. To achieve this we want to bring an entirely new / modern design to this business. Make it less of a website and more of an application.

These design changes will have a huge impact on our company & business. Currently we are trying to select the best designers out there and doing research how we can innovate Flipit to the next level. As have said many times before, I have no idea where this adventure will lead us. It might result in a geo-based couponing app for Google Glass, or a postal service that delivers customized coupons to your door. We will build whatever our users want us to.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some trends in your industry that you’re excited about or think that our readers should be paying attention to?

Jochem: I can’t help myself from having a big smile on my face when I think about all these potential markets turning into big opportunities. Think about countries such as Poland, where the infrastructure is good for delivering goods right to your door, payment methods are improving greatly and means of delivery getting better each day. There are so many countries with a lot of potential that are getting into a serious e-commerce environment. With this emerging trend, the popularity of coupons grows each year. Customers are getting savvier and simply want to save money, online store owners are trying new methods to gain market share in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Coupons are the best way to get your store growing quickly.

BusinessInterviews.com: Any last words regarding your plans for world domination?

Jochem: Almost every day we are breaking records in terms of sales and visitors. Flipit.com is now available in 14 countries. We will hit 30 within the next few months. We are once again doubling the number of people working at our company. Every week we have people coming in for job interviews…. So much is happening! I like it!

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