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“Just like how we only take on the best clients and best projects, we also only take on the best employees.”

Fueled is a New York City based mobile application design and development agency that specializes in emerging mobile applications. Fueled started at General Assembly, a startup hub and incubator in Manhattan, shortly after the release of Apple’s App store. The app genius’ at Fueled are responsible for some of the coolest, most cutting edge apps in existence. We are very selective about what clients and projects we take on and which ones we flat out reject. We produce award winning apps (our awards range from places such as Digiday Mobi Awards and the Webby awards), so there’s no way we can settle for anything less than perfection. The Fueled clients range from startups to well established brands such as Porsche, Proctor and Gamble, Gilt Group, GoDaddy and the Chicago Bulls.

We now have the Fueled Collective as well, housing over 20 startups in an awesome environment. The Collective is more than a shared office space, it is an environment for young startups to grow and mature. The Collective does not force renters into leases, giving them the freedom they need to grow or shrink as needed.

MO: What factors do you attribute to the impressive growth the Fueled has experienced since launching?

Rameet: Fueled was founded when the Apple App Store first launched and since we’re an app development and design agency, we were able to be involved in the game from the beginning. Also, just the fact alone that we’re based in New York City means that we get to be right in the middle of this boom of tech popularity. Just like how we only take on the best clients and best projects, we also only take on the best employees. The people that work at Fueled have such passion for what they do, along with great knowledge and experience. So having a team of awesome creative people makes it possible for us to deliver the best end results. Having all of these positive factors on our side has been the core of the success of Fueled.

MO: What inspired you to get equity in the startups that you’ve been working with?

Rameet: Currently we just provide an awesome work space for the start-ups that are in the Collective. The idea of having equity in the start-ups is an exciting idea because it means that we’ll be able to get really hands on with a bunch of innovative projects. We thrive off of creativity and cutting edge technology, so being able to have an influence on some of these new endeavors is going to be a great experience for all of us who are involved. Also, we want to be able to help new entrepreneurs break into the industry and this will help get them to where they want to be.

MO: You were named one of the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers by StyleCaster. Have you always been quite dapper or has your sense of style developed over the recent years? Who or where do you look for fashion inspiration?

Rameet: I came out of my shell when I was in high school. In about 9th or 10th grade. Right now the city is my inspiration, both NYC and London.

MO: What are some of your thoughts on the tech scene in New York today?

Rameet: The tech scene in New York is definitely continuing to grow and become stronger with each passing day. San Francisco is still the number one hub, but it’s exciting to know that our predictions came true in regards to NYC following closely behind. Even though San Fran is still holding the top spot, it’s ok since we have a different environment here and therefore different clients and markets are available to us. I think the current scene is exactly what I imagined it would be like and that’s a really exciting and promising thing. I can’t wait to see where it will take us and what opportunities we will gain from it.

MO: What do you think will happen to the NYC tech scene over the next few years?

Rameet: There are some people that are pessimistic and think that this tech bubble is just going to burst. I like to disagree with that theory though. We’ve seen continuous growth over the past three years and I believe that we’re going to stay on that same path for the near future. It’s hard to really make a prediction about what’s going to happen down the road, but based off of the fact that NYC is growing faster than any other hub, I think we have a good shot at remaining at the top.


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