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How can you generate better business results without doing more?

Written by MO.com Subject Matter Resource Erin Owen

Create space in your schedule to do nothing, and you’ll generate better results in your business.

I know it sounds downright sacrilegious for an entrepreneur to not spend every waking (and sleeping) moment maniacally focused on “the next big thing.”

But, the constant inner drive that sets you apart, gets you to market first, and fuels the gritty character that sustains you each night into the wee hours, also burns you out too soon and too often.

Try my idea and you’ll discover quickly – when you take time out to just “be” – just live in the moment without a destination or a next step, you will:

• See, for the first time in a long time, what’s actually happening in the world around you.

• Breathe more deeply, almost instantly lowering your blood pressure and heart rate and helping you to think much more clearly.

The above two experiences will lead you to …

• Realize the next great idea that will bring together all the pieces of your current project or inspire your next venture.

• Generate better results in your current business by reducing the stress and strain of “normal” daily life—to help you create a new normal with more space to breathe and think and succeed.

How to make the most of this tip?

1. 5 minutes a day!

Carve out time in your daily schedule to walk outside without a destination and (shocker!) without your smart phone, to just observe the world around you, taking in the sights and sounds and smells of your surroundings, and letting your mind wander without a specific problem to solve. Even 5 minutes can make a huge difference in your performance.

2. Make it a regular practice

Better yet, carve out a larger block of time in your schedule once a week to do this.

In my template schedule, Fridays are my days for fun and freedom. Sometimes I spontaneously drop-in on an interesting networking event. Other times I just read a fiction book in the park. This coming Friday I’m going to a 3-hour yoga workshop with one of my original teachers who is just back from India.

Each time I allow myself space, without even trying, I have a flood of creative ideas come to me that I write down in my ideas notebook or directly feed into current projects. My clients have similar experiences and often have breakthrough insights that move them through areas where they have been stuck for weeks or months—sometimes years!

I write more about the idea of creating a template schedule in my new book Recharge, Refuel, and Re-energize: The Conscious Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Time and Energy. Download the first free chapter to learn more about the importance of quieting your mind to boost business results, here www.YourPerformanceBreakthrough.com/books.

In my next post, I’ll share another tip designed to help you generate better results without having to do more.

Erin Owen, Performance Breakthrough Coach


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