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A Good Exercise Program is a Prescription

Ben Shear is Director of Fitness at Golf & Body NYC. At his namesake facility, Ben Shear Golf in Scotch Plains, NJ, Ben is the Director of Performance Training and has become highly sought after for industry-leading physical assessments, comprehensive technical evaluations and cutting-edge, golf-specific fitness. He also travels much of the PGA Tour circuit as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Biomechanics expert for the elite PGA Tour Players Luke Donald, Jason day and Webb Simpson amongst others.

Ben is also the Director of Fitness at Golf & Body NYC. Golf & Body NYC is a private club in the heart of Manhattan that offers golfers the ultimate setting for enhancing performance, getting and staying fit, and socializing with friends and business associates. A world- renowned team of golf, fitness and sports medicine experts combines its knowledge with the members’ passion to help them play the best game of their lives in the best shape of their lives. Along with its innovative programs, Golf & Body NYC offers entertainment options that turn the “19th hole” into a sophisticated bar and dining experience.

Golf & Body NYC

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you tell us a bit about your unique, multi-faced approach to golf performance training?

Ben: I try to use a holistic view of the golfer. I evaluate their body’s physical abilities and limitations, the biomechanics of their swing, the impact alignments of the ball and club, and their swing style. I correct the physical limitations; increase the player’s stability, mobility, coordination, strength and power. Then, I make sure the swing style or technique matches their physical capabilities.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are the some of the advantages of working in an urban golf club environment?

Ben: The great part about it is the team environment we can have between our fitness, medical and golf instruction teams all under one roof. The ability to communicate, share information, watch a lesson after a training session to see how things are progressing is invaluable for the golfer. I also think hitting balls inside for a portion of the year can be very valuable when working on technique. It allows the golfer to focus on the swing changes without becoming ball-bound.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice would you give to someone who has had a long break from fitness and is ready to start getting in shape again?

Ben: Start slow and make sure to get a proper physical evaluation from a qualified trainer (many are not) before you start your program. A good exercise program is a prescription. It should take into consideration your personality, lifestyle, goals, current physical state, time and equipment available to train. If all of these issues are not considered, the program will ultimately fall short. A great program is not one-size fits-all. It is customized on many levels.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some of the most common issues you see your clients facing and how can they be avoided?

Ben: Number one is consistency. People’s lives have become so busy. They need to understand that, if they make taking care of themselves a priority, the net result will be an overall, more productive, active and healthy life. Number two is being realistic. Most people are not realistic about the time or commitment they are really willing to make in their programs. They always have grand ideas that don’t actually fit their lifestyles, even with a real commitment. If someone tells me they will be coming in 4 days a week for an hour each, when in reality they come three times a week for 45 minutes, the exercise prescription will not be correct. I tell my people to under-commit, and I will make a tight priorities list of exercises for them. It is easier to add than take away.

So be honest about what you can do on a weekly basis, and have alternative workout plans to be more consistent, such as a short program you can do at home or a hotel gym when travelling.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some trends in your industry that you’re excited about or think that our readers should be paying attention to?

Ben: Technology is starting to permeate both the golf and fitness worlds. On the golf side, things like Trackman, force plates and 3-D biomechanical analysis were not readily available for the general public. Now they are becoming more available to the masses. These pieces of equipment can be invaluable in making changes in your game. My good friend and Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor, James Leitz always says, “Why guess what you can measure?!”
On the fitness side, we have accurate monitoring technologies. We can monitor, heart rate, body fat, heart rate variability, calories burned, oxygen uptake, total steps, total calories, how well we sleep, etc., all with relatively good accuracy at an all-time low price.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for 2014?

Ben: I am always excited for the PGA Tour season to get going and watch my guys play. I also love continuing to watch my team of trainers evolve, learn and help their clients achieve their goals. It can be equally gratifying to help a person play without pain; break 100, 90 or 80 for the first time; or just improve their quality of life as it is to have a PGA Tour player win an event. Working with people who desire to be better–and helping them get there–is what it’s all about.

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