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“Optimize employee referral programs for mobile devices and increase your reach to top talent.”

Assaf Eisenstein is the founder and CEO of GooodJob. Previously the CEO of two publicly traded companies, Assaf holds a law degree from the University of Leicester in England, and an MBA from the College of Management in Israel. During his free time, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and two children, and mountain biking. Contact Assaf at assaf@gooodjob.com.

With GooodJob, you can optimize your employee referral program for mobile devices and increase your reach to top talent by engaging your whole team in the program.

They offer GooodJob Mobile, the first mobile solution for referral programs complete with a customizable native app for employees and social media integration. Their groundbreaking platform enables employees to refer and share your open jobs with their social networks directly from their smartphones. Built with their award-winning referral technology, it stands to revolutionize the way organizations approach their referral programs in this new age of mobile technology.

GooodJob transforms organizations’ ability to manage and fully leverage their referral programs. They help you usher in a new age of recruitment that delivers exceptional referrals and excellent ROI.

MO: How did you come up with the concept for GooodJob? Why do you think that Social Recruiting will be the new method of attracting candidates to jobs

Assaf: My wife has a background in recruitment, and I was first introduced to the industry through her work. I began to do research into talent management trends – specifically candidate sourcing. And I noticed a surprising break in the system: employee referral programs are touted worldwide as one of the best sources of hire – yet most companies struggle with ultra-low employee participation rates of 10-20%. In other words, referral programs have been proven to work – but not enough employees were getting involved.

There are two important pieces missing from this equation: strong employee engagement and effective tools. And this is exactly what GooodJob strives to provide with our social recruiting and mobile solutions. By increasing engagement among workers and equipping them with a wealth of resources at their fingertips (literally!) with which to make referrals, organizations will reach far more candidates than ever before.

MO: Can you expand a bit on the development process for GooodJob and any challenges that you faced in the early stages?

Assaf: We always knew what our goal was – get more employees involved with the tools they need, and create successful employee referral programs. It was simply a matter of finding the right balance. Initially, our primary solution was desktop-based, and revolved around social recruiting and gamification. But ongoing client feedback and market research indicated that this model wasn’t really up to speed with the modern workforce, one that was increasingly active on personal devices. We therefore shifted our focus to the mobile sphere, and developed GooodJob Mobile to suit the needs of the typical employee who is on-the-go. We did keep the social recruiting components, because those have proven to be very strong. Plus, we can seamlessly integrate with any ATS.

MO: Referral programs are dependent on both the engagement and participation of employees. How does GooodJob inspire the referral process from both sides and help keep the momentum going?

Assaf: The standard communication method of referral programs is Outlook and internal corporate portals. But when employees go home at the end of the day, they don’t have access to these outlets. GooodJob Mobile provides them with an on-the-go directory of their organization’s open jobs, and a variety of social media, e-mail and direct referral options. They have everything they need to stay engaged – anytime, anywhere.

And with the growth in social networking, it’s never been easier to broadcast information globally. But without tracking, it is difficult to expect your employees to join your referral program. GooodJob’s referral tracking monitors all activities, leaving employees satisfied that their efforts are recognized.

Many of our clients have seen an increase in over 80% in employee participation since signing on with GooodJob.

MO: What tips would you give to someone who is keen to use Social Recruiting for their first time?

Assaf: Social recruiting plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between employees and top talent – social recruiting done right, that is. That means harnessing the power of employees’ collective social networks to spread the word about an organization’s vacancies, and not simply relying on the recruitment team’s limited access.

MO: Why do you think that organizations worldwide are eager to jump on your mobile referrals solution bandwagon?

Assaf: There’s no turning back – global mobile adoption is here to stay, and organizations that want to position themselves as forward-thinking must integrate mobile into their daily workplace activities. Companies such as Hilton and Alcatel-Lucent chose GooodJob because when it comes to referral programs, we are at the forefront of this development. As more employees continue to regularly use their personal devices for work activities, we help our clients include their referral programs in the new landscape.

Our clients receive a solution for each side of the equation. Employees get a branded app that they can download on their smartphones, with a complete suite of referral tools. Candidates can apply for jobs through our slick application page, which features company logos, videos, pictures, and detailed job descriptions – and each application is tracked back to the referring employee. And the recruitment team can manage the entire process through a sophisticated dashboard.


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