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“I wrote my first story in a composition book on Christmas Eve 2003 and I’ve literally not stopped since.”

Grace Hatton is nineteen and has started two companies. Wow! Moxie International LLC published Miss Moxie magazine. Since its formation in 2010 they have had a year of online success and in July 2011 they launched the full length digital issue. Readership for Miss Moxie magazine has grown to over 5,000 young women which for a small magazine is impressive. They have established multiple strategic alliances with other women’s organizations that are helping to grow our readership.

Grace Hatton Books has recently completed a new young adult fantasy, supernatural series that will be pitched to publishers soon. Did we mention that Grace runs both of these companies while working on her double-major in college?

Grace Hatton, Moxie International LLC - Founder

MO: Grace, tell us about your interest in writing and how this passion turned into two businesses at such a young age.

Grace: When I was twelve my family moved from England to America. I missed England so much that I began to write stories about England. I wrote my first story in a composition book on Christmas Eve 2003 and I’ve literally not stopped since. Writing is an expression of my soul and creativity and it’s a vital part of who I am. When I was fifteen I wrote a book called “The Guys The Roses and The Regrets” which was a self help book for teenage girls about dating. I had been hurt by guys as had many of my friends so I wanted to figure out how to help other young women not go through similar pain.

Thus “The Guys The Roses and The Regrets” was born. That was the start of turning my writing into a business. I wanted to get my work out into the world to help other young women. I went about landing a publishing deal. I had to go through a lot of rejection and work but I kept going because I knew my work was important. Finally on Valentine’s Day 2009 “The Guys The Roses and The Regrets” was released and became an Amazon best seller.

MO: What advantages do you have being a young entrepreneur?

Grace: The main advantages are freedom. I’m free to excel and be successful at whatever pace I chose. It is up to me to get up every morning and say ‘Okay, today you’re going to do this and make your dreams come true’.

I’m no reliant on an employer to tell me how well I’m doing or how far I can go. Everything success or failure I experience is reliant upon me and the work I put into my businesses. Being an entrepreneur at a young age has also jump started me in a way. Many of my friends in college consider life to start when we graduate. They think they have to wait to complete their life’s purpose after they’re handed a diploma. Thanks to being an entrepreneur I don’t feel that way. I know I’m already working towards my dream and everything I do is taking me one step closer to my ultimate goals and dreams. That feeling of freedom, pride and destiny that being an Entrepreneur gives me is something I wouldn’t change for the world.

MO: What makes Miss Moxie different than other magazines targeted at teens?

Grace: Miss Moxie is different from other teen magazines because we have a mission. Our mission is to inspire and motivate young women to live a remarkable life by realizing their own true beauty, developing their inner character and doing their part to make a lasting difference in the world.

All of our articles are aimed at helping young women boost their self esteem, develop a strong character and inspiring them to make a difference. Additionally our cover girls are all strong positive women who are not only on the rise to fame but are giving back in a big way. All of these things add up to create a very unique magazine that doesn’t just exist to talk about hair, make-up and clothes but to actually make a positive difference in the lives of young women.

MO: Tell us about the events Miss Moxie is creating that are centered around your mission of showing young women what true beauty is, building their character and inspiring them to make a positive difference in the world.

Grace: We are currently putting together an event called ‘She’s Got Moxie’ which will showcase speakers, performers and companies that promote our ideals. Young women will be able to come for a weekend to hear women such as our former cover girls talk about what it means to have true Moxie and how they can discover their own. This event will also feature companies that are giving back running workshops on different areas that we cover in the magazine such as fashion, beauty, self esteem and activism. This will be an exciting, inspiring and motivational weekend that young women will rave about all year.

Additionally we are in talks with Girl Scouts to create a strategic alliance to work together on events for young women that will boost their self esteem and motivate them to be more than the typical.

MO: What can we expect from your new book series?

Grace: The new book series is like a mix up of Harry Potter. There is the magical and mysterious side that Harry Potter offered and the intense love triangle that Twilight offered. The series focuses on a young woman called Anna who discovers she has supernatural abilities and that her family is part of an ancient calling. Anna is quickly hunted by two sides both wanting her abilities for themselves. She must make the choice who she fights for and what path she will take. In the process of honing her skills a boy from one of the other ancient families shows her what it’s like to not only be powerful but what is like to fall in love.

So readers can expect a lot of action, romance and intriguing characters that make you want to come back for more.

MO: What is the most difficult part of pitching a book series to a publisher? What advice can you give other young authors?

Grace: The market for books is very tough now thanks to recent troubles with book stores closing down. Therefore you really have to stand out and be willing to put in the time. You have to send out hundreds of query letters and most of them are going to get rejected or just ignored. You have to develop a tough skin which is hard since writing is very much an expression of your soul. The best advice I can give is remember why you wrote your work in the first place. Think about the people you want your work to touch. Think about how your work will inspire people and motivate change. If you focus on those aspects the rejection will still hurt but you will be able to conquer it and move on. You will keep going until you get the one letter that says; yes we want your work.

Never give up. Keep going for your readers and for your dreams. That’s the most important thing; never give up.

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