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Greg Bier

My name is Greg Bier. I am involved in collegiate entrepreneurship. Currently, I am the director of an entrepreneurship academy at the University of Missouri.

My background is diverse; starting with a career as an Army officer, then doing capital improvements for a state prison system, then serving as the chair of the entrepreneurship and business management department at a small private college before moving to a larger campus and working with a small group of entrepreneurial-minded students.

I became an intrapreneur a few years after leaving the Army by building an organization back within the Department of Defense to meet a new market niche around the world, demining. Since getting into the collegiate scene years later I’ve become more interested in feasibility studies, operations, quality, and helping students with the business planning processes. Each year we conduct an idea competition on campus as well as travel to elevator pitch competitions. This is a fantastic way to see what young consumers and entrepreneurs are thinking about. The problem is that too often the entrepreneurial process stops after the idea is generated.

My goal is to help develop the skills and confidence in others to continue the development, refinement, and commercialization of their ideas.

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