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“Spending money in Google is easy. Finding an experienced person to spend it effectively is not so easy.”

Greg Meyers is a well-versed Internet Marketing Expert who has helped companies both large and small achieve success in Search Engine Marketing through proven strategies and effective implementation. Since 2004 he shifted his focus to Search Engine Marketing Industry, especially Pay-Per-Click-Marketing, where he has helped both Fortune 500 companies as well as Start-Ups to improve branding, increase online and offline revenues, cut costs and succeed online. After working for many well respected companies and continually delivering impressive results, Greg founded Afterclicks in 2009.

AfterClicks Interactive is a Pay-Per-Click Marketing Firm that provides advertisers and digital agency support of handcrafted PPC Marketing built on Industry Best Practices defined by Cost Efficiency and Conversion Growth.

Greg Meyers, AfterClick Interactive - President & Founder

MO: Can you please explain to our readers what kind of services AfterClicks Interactive provides?

Greg: AfterClicks Interactive provides Professional Pay-Per-Click Marketing services geared to maximizing the clients’ return on investment. We do not only develop effective “before the click” Strategies and Implementation, but also “after the click” Landing Page optimization so that our clients get the most out of their advertising dollars. AfterClicks supports all Platforms such as Google Adwords (Search and Display, as well as Bing, Yahoo, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

MO: What was the turning point that influenced you to start your own firm instead of working for more established companies? Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit?

Greg: Well, I think a lot has to do with the fact that my previous companies were both Tech Startups and being in that environment opened my eyes and gave me confidence that based on my skills and experience I could create a company of my own in an Industry where I have been working in for over a decade. Working in Startup companies was both exciting and challenging, however the biggest benefit came from just being around seasoned Entrepreneurs.

MO: Why do you think it’s important for businesses to implement Pay-Per-Click campaigns?

Greg: Pay-Per-Click Marketing is a “Strategy-Rich” Advertising vehicle that can not only be cost effective (as compared to other “offline” media) but also provides a plethora of Analytics and Data that can be applied to a unique and cost effective benefits that help businesses of all sizes reach their targeted audience. PPC Marketing allows for reinforce brand loyalty

MO: You’ve recently expanded into the business-to-business circuit. What influenced this expansion and how is it going so far?

Greg: The biggest influence in deciding to start offering PPC Marketing services to other Digital Agencies was pretty simple. Over time, I was realizing that Agencies who are offering PPC Marketing as a service to their clients, did not necessarily have a dedicated PPC expert on staff to assist their team with all aspects of PPC (web analytics, Strategy, Implementation, Optimization, Reporting, etc…) Based on this situation, it also opened up different levels of services which include:

1. Complete Account Management (White Labeling)

2. Strategy and Optimization Support

3. One-Time Audits of their accounts

MO: Can you give our readers any tips to increase their PPC conversions?

Greg: One of the first things advertisers should do to improve conversions is to simply take a deeper dive into their Web Analytics Data. Identifying key metrics such as Keywords (both SEO and PPC), Geographic Location and Bounce Rates will paint a high level picture of what is working, what is not working and what needs to be “tweaked”.

Another important tactic for PPC advertisers to focus on is the Landing Page. Measuring the success any PPC campaign (no matter how well optimized it may be) relies on the Landing Page for which the ads are directing visitors to. Strong CTA (Call to Action), Persuasive Content and multiple opportunities for the visitor to initiate an interaction are the first steps in creating a successful, cost effective PPC Strategy.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for Afterclicks?

Greg: We are very excited about our expansion of service offerings tailored to Startup companies looking to “hit a homerun” right out of the gate. When I started Afterclicks, many of my early clients were Startup Companies and I often would go “out of scope” in my contracts because I wanted to ensure they were getting the best ROI% possible. Furthermore, knowing what it is like being in Startup company for the past 3+ years, has enabled us to develop a packaged service that focuses on setting a solid Foundation for Cost Effectiveness, Strategy and Optimization.

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