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“…the Magic behind the Logix!”

Hassan Bawab was awarded the Inc. 500 Award and Dallas Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty Award this past year. He finds global success through combining creativity and technology to produce presentations necessary for every business that is looking to maintain an effective online marketing campaign. Hassan is a down to earth executive with vision, a dream, and plans to embrace the future through technology.

Magic Logix is a Dallas-based interactive digital marketing solutions company that focuses on business growth by merging creativity, technology and online marketing. Their impressive reputation and international client base has earned them a place on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in the US list.

Hassan Bawab, Magic Logix - Founder & CEO

MO: How did you manage to create such a successful company without any initial capital investment?

Hassan: By constructing and following a step by step strategy. Dedicating ample time to the planning process is the most important element of a successful business – this insures that not even the smallest detail is overlooked. Stability and success are directly correlated – without a strong foundation, even the best ideas will collapse. From there, I continuously invested the profits back into the company over and over again. That’s basically the Magic behind the Logix!

MO: Do you think that growing up in Lebanon and attending college in Texas has given you a greater understanding of the global market?

Hassan: Definitely. It has enabled me to understand the mentality of the international market and the decision maker’s perspective.

MO: I understand that you’re considering expanding into California. What makes the West Coast a good fit for Magic Logix?

Hassan: Our domain is more popular on the West Coast because of the greater demand for the latest innovations and trends in that region.

MO: Magic Logix offers a lot of great services. Which one is in the greatest demand and in what areas are you seeing the most growth?

Hassan: The greatest demand is for customized dynamic websites, and the greatest growth is definitely with ecommerce website development.

MO: What makes you a market leader in such a competitive climate?

Hassan: Our experience in staying on top of all the latest technologies while complying with industry standards and best practices certainly sets apart from the competition. Our ability to implement these innovations in an integrated solution is what continues to augment our growth and expansion.

MO: What’s your favorite part of your job? What gets you up in the morning?

Hassan: My favorite part is being able to see the fruits of our labor – this directly translates to the client’s success. When the client is successful, we’re successful. That notion in itself has become the driving force of my passion for my work.

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