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“We get good at what we practice, and the more we practice believing in ourselves and the divine possibilities in life, the more good things happen to us.”


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Heather Hans is a healer and educator connected to intuition and spirituality. She is also a trained psychotherapist, intuitive coach, and business woman. She combines this approach to serve women in fulfilling radiant health, exceptional confidence, and extraordinary love. After her MBA, Heather began her career as a CPA at Arthur Andersen and spent the next decade as a tax consultant in public accounting, the insurance industry, and private practice. She also taught courses in business and accounting at two colleges. Alongside her professional path, she became drawn to various forms of healing and wellness in order to improve her life. Her innate nature as a teacher and nurturer, her own life trials and tribulations, and her drive toward health and self-development, paved the way for a career change to one where she could more fully utilize her capacities. She went back to school in her 30s and got her second master’s degree in social work (MSW). During her training, Heather managed a substance abuse prevention program for Boulder Valley School District, and she received her clinical training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist at the Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research. She has also held several youth-centered volunteer positions.

Heather soon discovered that her ultimate calling to reach the world and uplift the loving energy of human kind was beyond the scope of traditional psychotherapy and social work practice. So, she began a business dedicated to the highest form of compassionate healing, combining her professional knowledge, organizational skills, and ethical leadership with her creative vision, spiritual nurturance, sensitivity, wisdom, and intuition. Heather has spent the past 17 years dedicated to holistic health and has been trained by some of the top experts in the areas of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. She offers six and twelve-month transformational packages to assists women in becoming radiant, confident, and magnets for love. Clients who work with Heather are no longer plagued by self-doubt or a need of approval from others. They are aware of and accept all parts of themselves and have a felt sense of being cared for by the Divine. They develop an attitude of gratitude, which continually attracts abundance into their lives. Healthy boundaries affords them a sense of personal power, and they finally know what it is like to receive love, rather than always trying to please others and settle for less than they desire and deserve. In short, Heather’s clients become women of power and influence. For those looking for love, Heather provides mentoring and packages that help clients achieve the passionate, healthy, soulful love relationship that they have always wanted.


MO: Can you talk about your journey from being a public accountant to becoming a holistic health expert? What did your turning point look like?

Heather: While accounting didn’t fill my soul and allow me to bring my true gifts to the world, it gave me the invaluable skills of a strong work ethic, critical thinking abilities, attention to detail, efficiency, professionalism, and a results-driven orientation.

Rather than numbers, though, my passion has always been people, health, and human relationships. Some of the shadow sides of the business world that I experienced were alcoholism, workaholism, and sexism. My direct experience with all three of these oppressive dysfunctions, in addition to tremendous darkness I had known in my life, led me to pursue my own holistic health. I subsequently had a series of turning points that led me to my current work as a holistic health expert, both in my personal life and professional life, mostly as a result of my own personal transformation.

I spent years pursuing physical health transformation, and healed myself of chronic migraines, colds, and substance abuse, and even became a marathon runner. After my own experience in psychotherapy to heal the self-esteem that had been shattered by divorce, abuse, incest, family addictions and secrecy, molestation, betrayal, and multiple deaths of loved ones, I become a psychotherapist and have experienced virtually every type of mental health and relationship skill, which transformed me into a confident woman with healthy relationships. Finally, after years as an atheist, I became aware of my spiritual essence through childbirth and subsequently began an ever deepening exploration of spirituality and my religious roots. My spirituality is the heart and soul of my life and my work. I have learned to channel my energy in powerful ways and am now able to use it with others and not just myself. I believe it was all in the cards, as I was born to heal, and all of my life experiences have given me compassion and understanding for the pain that people face in their lives. At this point, I can identify the cause of most any dysfunction in the mind, body, and spirit, and determine what to do to heal it. I continue on the healing journey. It is what I know and do best.

MO: What can a client expect during their first session with you?

Heather: The very first session a client has with me is a complimentary strategy session where we determine if my services are a good fit for them and vice versa. Most people have a hard time making a large investment in themselves. I work with them to move past their fears, step into the unknown, and commit to spending the time, money, and energy that will transform them in to radiant, confident, goddess of love that is their potential and their birthright. A big part of my clients’ transformation happens when they sign the agreement. It is a statement to themselves that they are worth it and that their dreams are becoming a reality.

Once they become a client, the first session includes an assessment of their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and personal history. It is necessary for me to know their own unique make-up, experience, and intentions for me to effectively serve them. A great deal of my services are custom-made for each individual client, rather than cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all services. Additionally, I use my spiritual intuition to tell them what I know is their highest potential, which often gives them the motivation to fulfill it, as no one – not even they – have seen or believed in themselves so greatly.

MO: What are some ways that you help your clients to organize and balance all areas of their lives to achieve “high-quality presence?”

Heather: My detail-oriented and results-driven accounting background allows me to get into the nitty gritty day-to-day details of my clients’ lives and find improvements and efficiencies that can be made in ways that are helpful to them. Once we’ve identified the improvements, we create a practical action and accountability plan to incorporate the changes. I always recommend limiting the number of changes implemented at one time for maximum effectiveness and overload prevention, and we create multi-step processes based on the client’s priorities and my recommendations. My relationship with a client is a joint venture, and so their input is as valuable as mine and we work together to co-create a plan that will yield the most beneficial transformation in their life.

Some of the areas that we consider are diet, exercise, alone time, social time, creative time, work, rest & sleep, sensual nourishment, stress level, self-care, play, and family. We also look at their unique attributes so that they can incorporate what they do best into their lives and minimize the things that drain their energy. Through this work, my clients become radiant. They learn to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of the human experience, while maintaining a healthy, balanced, and organized lifestyle, keeping their spirits high and their perceptions sharp. They experience a shining, strong, nourished, and fit body, immune from physical symptoms and illness, giving them potent vital and creative energy to accomplish their highest goals.

MO: What are three practical tips for living a more positive life?

Heather: (1) Learn to master your mind and disregard limiting beliefs; (2) Cultivate a strong relationship with a power greater than yourself; (3) Take risks that will lead you to your highest, most authentic self. (I did not include physical health in the top three because it is a given that we can only go as far as our bodies take us and, therefore, we must maintain a healthy physical vessel.)

Negativity is often a product of habitual self-sabotaging thinking. Many people have a difficult time accepting the fact that they have control over their own thoughts. With proper support, practice, perseverance, and patience, we can train ourselves to catch these negative and self-doubting thoughts and see them for what they are, rather than becoming enslaved by them and believing that they represent reality. Anyone and everyone can do it, no matter how great their life challenges and difficulties. We get good at what we practice, and the more we practice believing in ourselves and the divine possibilities in life, the more good things happen to us. And, the more good things that happen to us, the more we believe that good things can and do happen. This loop is one we WANT to ride!

Cultivating a sound relationship with something larger than you is essential to living a positive and fully productive life. Fear and loneliness means that you do not truly have an understanding of Divine energy. We truly are all one; every person and experience is here to serve us and bring more life, and we each hold within us the power of God/the Universe. For those who do not resonate with the concept of “God,” devoting their energy to a cause that positively impacts humanity, the earth, or any other noble cause, will provide a sense of unity with that larger force.

Finally, you must take risks in order to thrive in this life. Stepping outside of your comfort zone often produces anxiety and fear, but to have courage means that you move forward regardless of these feelings, for the possibility that you will evolve to new heights. With practice, risk-taking also becomes easier, as you learn that you’ve survived everything in life thus far and you gain confidence that can never be taken from you because of your repeated acts of stepping into the unknown to live your best life.

MO: How can mastering the ego achieve optimal wellbeing?

Heather: According to modern psychology, the ego is the part of our psyche that monitors our primitive desires and helps us to act in socially acceptable ways (often thought of as our self-image or personality). Quite frequently, our ego defense mechanisms that develop to serve and protect us during childhood, become unconscious and maladaptive behavior patterns during adulthood; hence the need for psychotherapy.

There is a school of thought in the spiritual community that the ego is basically the root of all evil and that it separates us from God, ourselves, and others. However, certain religions believe that the ego is necessary and not all bad. I agree with the later. The ego serves us in goal achievement, discernment & critical thinking, creative expression, and in connecting us with our roots and cultural heritage, all of which bring deep fulfillment to humanity.

Optimal wellbeing is achieved through greater consciousness. When we become fully aware of our thoughts, feelings, motivations and behavior, we have the power to manifest our deepest desires and share our greatest gifts with the world. We can accentuate the positive traits of our personality and manage the not so pleasant traits. While it’s true that unconscious ego defense mechanisms can wreak havoc on the human spirit, so can trying to suppress all individuality. If the Divine wanted us all to be clones, we would not come in with all of varied traits that make humanity so colorful. At the same time, we must recognize that we truly are all one, and that our eternal selves exist far beyond our personalities and egos. It’s about balancing our earthly traits, gifts, and challenges with our immortal essence.

MO: If I could grant you one business related wish right now, what would you ask for?

Heather: I would ask that my success continue to be multiplied, and that my work expand as quickly as possible around the world to uplift the consciousness and loving energy of this planet. My mission is to put an end to all disease of the body and soul and to help put women in touch with their divine beauty and value.


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