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“When Mohammad and I graduated from College in 1981 there was a financial downturn and most architects were down-sizing. We decided to create our own jobs and do something we were familiar with …building homes.”

Since 1981, the two brothers Jalal and Mohammad Farzaneh have dedicated themselves to building new homes in Oklahoma that offer the latest in amenities, design and location…all at a price that has made homeownership a reality for thousands of Oklahomans.

Home Creations homes are built for Oklahomans. When you’re investing in real estate in Oklahoma, you want property that can withstand extreme temperatures and strong winds. Their tornado safety features exceed local building codes, so you know your family will be as secure as possible. Their insulation method enhances your home’s energy efficiency – and your year-round comfort. The interiors of their homes have many included enhanced features, and the exteriors are sturdy, attractive and designed to suit the surrounding community.

Home Creations

BusinessInterviews.com: What initially inspired you to move from architecture to construction? How did that decision help to shape the direction and vision of your future to come?

Jalal: When Mohammad and I graduated from College in 1981 there was a financial downturn and most architects were down-sizing. We decided to create our own jobs and do something we were familiar with…building. Our father was a master builder and with the advice of our bankers we started our own home building company.
This was one of the best decisions in our lives, because with our architectural background, we started designing our homes, developing our own land and providing our customers with the best homes money can buy.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some ways that the homebuilding and construction industry has changed and evolved since you first launched your company in the early 1980’s?

Jalal: We now build even better homes with more energy efficiency (better wall and ceiling insulation, Low E glass vinyl windows, insulation in foundation, etc.). Also our designs have changed. We now have larger windows, taller ceilings, larger masters, more open floor plans, more versatility in room usage. Also, technology has improved the safety of the homes with high tech security systems, GFCI outlets, smoke alarms, etc.

Our enhanced features have improved as well. Items such as granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, oil rubbed bronze faucets, pendant lighting, and hand textured walls are now standard in most of our homes.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you talk about the key components you think about when it comes to building a community?

Jalal: We consider the school system, highway access, water, sewer and utility availability, topography of the land, desirability of the area (near restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, crime rate) We also consider the demographics in regard to affordability, ability to purchase, and need of new homes.

BusinessInterviews.com: I know that you believe that giving back to the community is important. What influences the decision making process when it comes to choosing the charities or organizations you become involved with?

Jalal: First and most importantly we want to help organizations that help with basic human needs such as food and shelter. We have contributed to well-known charities such as United way, Food bank, Habitat for Humanity,
Second, we pay attention to victims of natural disaster, tsunami relief, and devastation from fires, tornados, and hurricanes.

Third we help organizations researching to eradicate diseases.

Finally we help promote peace and understanding of different people and cultures through educational endeavors.

BusinessInterviews.com: What business related milestone has meant the most to you during the course of your career? Has your definition of success changed since first starting your company?


• Building, Selling and closing our first home
• Developing our first parcel of land
• Selling our own homes through our own in-house sales team
• When we built 50, 100, 250 and 500 homes a year/crossing those thresholds of volume building
• Being in business for 30 years

Success is more than just making money. It’s leaving your footprint behind on people’s lives as a company and making an impact in your community.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally in 2014?

Jalal: Personally; my son’s wedding in the spring!

Professionally, I look forward to developing some great upcoming projects in South OKC, North OKC and Norman. They should happen in the next year and will be great opportunities for more growth.

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