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Your Obstacles: Identifying Potential Barriers and Strategizing a Way Around Them

Written by MO.com Subject Matter Resource Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis

You can always find reasons not to start or expand your business. There will always be a sea of reasons that you can find not to “jump in” and do what you want to do with your life. Much of the trick to finding the success you are seeking and living the life that you want is to identify potential barriers in your life and then find a way to nullify them.

Taking the time to find the barriers in your life and then determine how to best work around them is more than just time well spent. This stands as one of the most important steps that you can take towards your future success.

It Is Time to Make a List

You might not be the kind of person that likes making lists. However, on this occasion, making a list is one of the best of things that you can do. The process of sitting down and thinking through the different obstacles in your life will point you in the right direction. The first step in the process is to simply make the list. This means that you shouldn’t be looking ahead to determine how you should find a strategy for working around your obstacles. What you should do first is simply identify the problem(s).

Once you have your list of obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward with your ambitions, you should put it aside for a few days. In recent years, brain research has concluded that the subconscious has a far greater role in the decision making process than we initially believed. So give your subconscious a few days to think over your list. Then revisit it and try and think of any other obstacles that you might have forgotten.

It’s Time to Tackle Your Obstacles One by One!

Now that you have your completed of obstacles in hand, it is time to look for strategies around your different obstacles. Ranking your obstacles from “most demanding” to “least demanding” can also stand as a good place to begin dealing with your obstacles if you feel overwhelmed. At this stage of the process, it is vitally important that you keep an open mind in how you approach your obstacles. The answers to how to tackle each individual obstacle may not come to you instantly. Again, take some time, step back and let your subconscious process the different ways that you can tackle the different issues that are in your way.

You will likely discover that most, if not all, of your obstacles are not insurmountable, but can instead be address with the right strategy and approach. If you are stumped with a particular obstacle, you may want to turn to someone that has a proven track record of accomplishment in business or entrepreneurship. Don’t worry; the answers you need are out there!

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is the President/CEO of the Deline Institute for Professional Development and the Executive Women’s Success Institute (www.excutivewomenssuccessinstitute.com) in Maryland. She is a career strategist, trainer, speaker, and the author of Finding Your Best Inside: How to Become the Person You Are Meant to Be and Playing from the Blue Tee: Women in the Federal Government. You can reach her by e-mail at info@executivewomenssuccessinstitute.com.


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