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InfoVision was founded in 1995 by technology professionals with a vision to provide quality and cost-effective IT solutions worldwide.

InfoVision is a global IT Services and Solutions Company with primary focus on Strategic Resources, Enterprise Applications and Mobility Solutions. Over the past decade, their ability to serve their clients has steadily evolved. It now covers multiple industries, numerous geographies and flexible delivery models, as well as the state-of-the-art technologies.

MO: What’s one marketing strategy that’s really worked for you?

Sean: What InfoVision does best is build long lasting relationships. Our marketing technique is not the most traditional but works for us. We like to build, develop, and nurture our professional relationships in order to serve our client’s needs most effectively. We pride ourselves on the great relationships we keep with our clients and the open communication we had developed throughout the years. A lot of our new business comes from strong relationships that have been developed with people who have moved on to new companies. Our dedications to our clients help solidify their loyalty, expectations, and value.

MO: How have you adjusted to the growing trend and demand for mobile apps?

Sean: As a technology company we know that technology is always changing and growing. In order for us to stay on top of new developments we must first be the ones who set the standard. As a company we need to be the ones who are the first one to tap in the marketing and then expand on our idea. We must never stay complacent and always be willing to try new ideas. Our mobile department is always challenging themselves to come up with something the will help with mainstream life whether is making payments easier, or just creating new look for an application. We pride ourselves on our many mobile app achievements. One of the apps we’ve built for our Barclays client called Pingit, recently won an M-Commerce award!

MO: Can you talk about how the InfoVision business culture of listening to clients has made it easy to introduce the app technology to current and prospective clients?

Sean: Our business is people. We were able to introduce the app technologies to our previous clients because of the strong relationships we have with them. We listened to their needs and strategically developed applications that met their expectations. With the success of our projects we were able to propose our mobility solutions to new clients.

MO: Can you expand on how you’ve institutionalized a vision and created a set of guiding principles, that you call Integrated Value Delivery?

Sean: As a company we have provided a foundation for our Clients to drive process innovation and enhance competitive differentiators. By combining our strengths we are able to deliver a system that is flexible and scalable for our Clients to undertake the development process of their choosing. Our set of guiding principles allows us to focus our strengths and provide a straightforward approach to our clients IT developmental needs. We have all the elements needed to meet our clients’ objectives.

MO: What advice would you pass onto a company when faced with the next big IT change? What are some strategies they can use to cope and stay current?

Sean: When a company is challenged with tackling the learning curve of new technologies it is important to focus on the educational development of the technology to the consumers. The integration of new technology in the work place will not be effective unless it is used to its fullest potential. By developing skilled users and adapting the workflow successful integration will not be met.

MO: What are some trends in your industry that you’re currently excited about?

Sean: The great thing about technology it that it is always changing and growing. I get excited every time I think about what new innovative technology they will be coming out with next month. One trend that I’m focusing on is the shift of old stagnant technologies like desktop computers, servers, and hard drives to newer technologies that organize your life in the palm of your hand like smartphones, mobile devices, and cloud computing. The increase in the usage of these mobile technologies allows business to flow faster and gives companies the ability to conduct business at a higher volume.


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