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“Bodybuilding through an online training program is often as effective as having a personal trainer by your side.”

Matt Fellows is the Owner and Director of Iron Works Elite Fitness. Iron Works Elite Fitness offers affordable online training, allowing you to train according to your schedule. At $25 per month, your health and wellbeing is worth it.


BusinessInterviews.com: Can you expand on the process of creating body building through an online training program?

Matt: Bodybuilding through an online training program is often as effective as having a personal trainer by your side. My process involves working with a client to define their starting place and their specific goals. As we work and continue through the program, their individual training is tweaked and refined to maximize results. I don’t just write a program and cut them loose. It is highly individualized and will yield individual results.

BusinessInterviews.com: How do you separate yourself from the competition?

Matt: I separate myself from the competition in several ways. The first way is that I aim to make personal training affordable. Many trainers will charge fifty or even one hundred dollars per session. My price makes personal training something that anyone can afford. Second, I do all of my online training individually. So many online trainers write one program and send it off to every client. Each of my clients receives an individualized program geared toward their specific goals and body type. This maximizes their results far more than the “one-size-fits-all” approach of so many other online trainers.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice would you give to someone who wants to get in better shape but doesn’t feel confident that they can make the necessary commitment and/or behavior modifications to reach their goals?

Matt: My advice to someone in such a situation is to find someone else to whom you can be accountable. It has to be someone that will hold you accountable. Many friends will mention something and leave the subject alone. You will want your accountability person to be encouraging but firm. That kind of support will make all the difference. This will be an individual judgment to make. Only you know your friends and who will make sure that you are actually staying on track.

BusinessInterviews.com: What’s one marketing strategy that’s worked well for you?

Matt: The marketing strategy that has worked best for me is advertising on Facebook to a very specific market. Many professionals take more of a shotgun approach to advertising. I have learned from a very excellent marketing mentor that such an approach leaves many holes through which many serious clients slip. Targeting a specific group and making yourself a specialist in that area will yield better results.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some of the health and fitness advantages of Functional Training?

Matt: Functional training is designed specifically for those looking to be fit but are not interested in building maximum amounts of muscle. The greatest benefit is just being fit and healthy. Other benefits include having the strength to take care of daily tasks, having the endurance to finish what you started, and having the confidence that comes with having a healthy body. Fitness affects more aspects of our lives than we often realize. The more fit we are, the more energy we have to do that last load of laundry, finish that last bit of a project, or simply be able to spend time with the ones we love.

BusinessInterviews.com: Any last words?

Matt: I recommend to anyone that they seek greater fitness. It improves quality of life and makes it possible to enjoy the time we have to spend here. Being constantly tired, sore, or many other ailments are all reduced or even cured by making the time to be fit and stay fit.

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