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“It is a welcomed bonus if a leader is charismatic, consistent, innovative, accurate, ethical, and interpersonal; thinks critically; and makes winning decisions all while nurturing those that follow.”

Company Overview: EPiC MEASURES (EM) is a brand-driven, consultancy, which provides a “next practices” approach to establishing, operating, and growing a business; launching products; and implementing programs and initiatives. Extending beyond the ordinary in purpose, promise, and presentation, EM seeks to increase the profitability of individuals and organizations and empower the same to excel through four business services:

• Marketing Strategy

• Brand Management

• Marketing & Business Communications

• Leadership Training (Seminars & Workshops)

Contact service (at) epicmeasures.com to determine next practice solutions for a product, for an individual or an organization.

MO: What are some ways that you help your clients “extend beyond the ordinary?”

Isha: In lieu of being solely promotions driven, clients obtain brand-driven marketing consulting that addresses all seven facets of business. Clients also gain clear understanding of marketing strategy relative to their business plan. As a result, clients can make informed decisions and successfully set and reach goals. Depending on short and long-term objectives, clients may engage or even partner with individuals and organizations across 12 industries and 3 continents.

MO: What inspired you to create four business services to be the foundation of your company?

Isha: Individuals and organizations struggle with defining and remaining true to their brand, being brand-driven in their promotions efforts, and creating compelling, accurate, or clear written communication. They also struggle with implementing change throughout their organizations. Solving these problems leads to marked improvements where it matters the most; with internal customers: employees (loyalty, retention, professional development, and performance) and external customers (loyalty, sales, and word-of-mouth).

MO: What are some of the most common issues you see your clients facing and how do you help them?

Isha: Clients struggle with keeping up with the business Joneses. The entire purpose of branding and marketing is to differentiate a person, good, or service. It is a clear conflict of interest to market based on a competitor’s method of operation–technically speaking that’s called generic. I help clients recalibrate, i.e., market within their means and according to their brand.

MO: What advice would you give to employees of an organization who have a great product or service but weak leadership?

Isha: Leadership is the ability to influence and direct others to accomplish a common goal, purpose, or mission. The best leaders lead from behind. The best leaders are also exceptional servants. They know how to defer. It is a welcomed bonus if a leader is charismatic, consistent, innovative, accurate, ethical, and interpersonal; thinks critically; and makes winning decisions all while nurturing those that follow. Everyone (even “born leaders”) has to practice to perfect one or more aspects of leadership. The employee with a great product or service can work on improving their leadership skills by getting one or two key people to buy into their product or service. Why? It is better to sell a few people something you believe in (passion speaks), that they will share, than it is to “tackle the masses.” Demonstrated success in the little things builds the confidence needed to rise up and lead.

MO: What would you say to a fledgling company in need of a marketing strategy but is working with a tight budget?

Isha: 1. Prioritize! Organize customers by primary, secondary, and alternative target markets. Doing so will reveal a pattern of the customers, and subsequently, the product(s) that generate the most revenue. 2. Use allotted marketing resources to either improve the top-selling product to make it more distinctive or to add value, or use allotted marketing resources to find more primary customers. 3. Evaluate your pricing strategy prior to launching a campaign. An increase in price, with a justifiable increase in product quality, can lead to fewer customers buying at a higher price (augmenting your brand) versus more customers buying at a lower price (diminishing your brand).

MO: Can you elaborate on how you’re expanding your reach to those in S.T.E.M. the industries?

Isha: I am learning about research findings, emerging technology, and medical advances from those in science, math, technology, and medicine (S.T.E.M.). A goal is to complete a new product launch. Another goal is to educate B2B and B2C S.T.E.M. experts about valuable marketing principles.


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