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“It then occurred to me that in order to ‘see the change, I must be the change’. So off I went…”

The Change PR Ltd was formed by Jess Suter in 2011. The Change PR is an ethical PR agency and specializes in public relations skills in both the business and business to consumer sectors, and help to promote the social consciences of their clients. The Change PR team has experience that spans many industries including; books, marketing, online marketing, medical, charitable, music, tax, law, leadership, alternative therapy, NLP and many more.

The Change PR researches potential client’s companies and industry upon signing them up so they cannot just be their PR Agent but instead be a part of their team and play a valuable role in the growth of the companies they work with.

Jess Suter, The Change PR - Director

MO: As a potential client, what types of services can I expect to receive from The Change PR?

Jess: The types of services totally depend on what you are hoping to achieve with your marketing plan. Be it to promote a product, a service or to raise your profile.

We tailor each plan in accordance to the individuals/businesses needs and take the time to research your industry in-depth so upon contracting us we are already on familiar grounds. We can help in a number or ways through; social media marketing, online marketing, communicating with you’re the key influencers, be it in-print, online, TV or radio depending on which channels reach your audience, we provide crisis management services, strategy overhauls, and PR consultations.

MO: I like the name of your PR firm, can you tell us the inspiration behind this name?

Jess: Thanks. The Change PR came about after seeing and hearing many horror stories from people that have been burnt by businesses and even those within the PR industry. It then occurred to me that in order to ‘see the change, I must be the change’. So off I went and The Change PR was born.

What really makes The Change PR are the people behind the company, and the clients. We work with like-minded people who are too hoping to help inspire and create a good change in our world.

MO: You mention that you have a lot of products coming out for entrepreneurs. Can you tell us about any of these products?

Jess: Of course, I truly believe in helping growth in the economy, and I understand that with all the big players out there it can be hard for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses to stand out from the crowd, which is why I am in process of creating products which will help aid them, these will include; a monthly newsletter (containing helpful tips and recommended products), a PR guide (so excited about this!), and I am also aiming to set-up regular webinars to increase the coverage of my advice.

MO: Can you tell us about one of your favorite clients that you have worked with, and how you helped their business grow?

Jess:  To be honest I don’t have any favorites, all my clients are a real pleasure to work with, and they equally inspire me and help me grow. I am a very lucky lady.

MO: In your opinion what is the biggest PR mistake companies make?

Jess: The biggest issue I find that some companies have when it comes to PR is having the wrong perception about PR. Some companies believe it is to guarantee coverage, make you famous or to make you money fast. That is not at all true.

Public relations is an important part of any businesses marketing strategy. With the aid of PR businesses are able to reach and influence their people (audience) and at the same time build their credibility and reputation.

Yes, PR provides media opportunities, but in order to really benefit from PR business owners need to think about how PR is more than a magazine article, it is a great strategy to help you further interact with your peers, and it’s not just about x magazine or x TV or x Radio, it is about indentifying the correct channels in which you can reach your people.

PR is also a long term thing, yes you can have quick blasts, but who wants to really be a one minute wonder? The rewards of PR may take longer than you think, but it is so worth it in the long run.

MO: You mention that The Change PR was built on strong ethics of honesty, quality strategic planning, market research and working with clients on a one-to-one basis. What do you do differently than other PR firms?

Jess: I research my clients industries as if I were a part of their company, as opposed to a PR agency. I also solely work with people who would like to promote a product, service or idea that is socially conscious or educate those who would like to become more socially conscious. I like to think of my agency as an ethical PR agency.

The Change PR was built on change and will never give-up until their clients see the results they are looking for.

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