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“Those are the people that will change the way we see the world, and I am honored to be an inspiration to them.”

Meet Lauren Young – CEO and Founder of Freshly Baked Communications and award-winning author of “Pour – Marketing Success Starts with the Right Ingredients” and “Stir – Achieving the Perfect Marketing Mix” Freshly Baked Communications (FBC) was established in 2008 to provide professional marketing communication services and consulting to entrepreneurs seeking unconventional and emerging methods to promote their business ventures. The creative staff at FBC combines brand marketing strategy with creative writing and mixes well…

Freshly Baked Communications

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired to you start your own business? How did your experience at Kraft help influence the vision of your own company?

Lauren: Two people really inspired me to start my own company. One was my late grandmother, who taught me so much about entrepreneurship as a child. She worked as an independent seamstress from our home, and I watched her manage customer relations, develop superior products and generate repeat business, all without ever seeking higher education or having anyone else fund her ambition. Also, my advisor from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Clarence Wine, was a great inspiration. He felt that if a better way to do something didn’t exist, it was up to me to create it, instead of complaining about it. He taught me how to become fearless about making major decisions in life. My experiences at Kraft taught me to become resourceful, ask great questions and that if you want to assemble a great team, you need to find people who have complementary strengths, and not just the people who are similar to you.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice would you give to someone who is contemplating rebranding their business?

Lauren: It is not a simple task to rebrand your business, but it can be well worth the effort if you do it for the right reasons. The top three reasons I would recommend rebranding are: 1) you are certain that you are not reaching the individuals you planned to connect with when you started the company, 2) you are ready to innovate your product line or services, which will be drastically different than what you offer currently or 3) you are repairing a tarnished reputation, and you want to start again with a clean slate. Also, contact a professional agency with dynamic leaders who have experience branding and rebranding companies to assist you with the process. If you have guidance from the start of this process until the end, you stand a better chance to revamp your business in a profitable manner!

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you share the concept behind your ‘Knead to Rise’ workshops and what attendees can expect from a session?

Lauren: Knead to Rise was created as a division of Freshly Baked Communications after my first book, Pour – Marketing Success Starts with the Right Ingredients, was published. Small business owners contacted me after completing my book because they wished that they had additional assistance with implementing some of the marketing advice and tactics detailed in the book. I was already training a variety of business groups with one-off classes across Chicago, so I decided to put together a “sweet suite” of targeted marketing communications courses that would delve into the implementation of marketing strategy.

The name “Knead to Rise” ties in with the baking theme of my agency’s name and highlights my mission for these training courses. I use the analogy of baking bread to describe this to everyone. When you bake bread from scratch, there is a considerable amount of effort needed to convert flour into freshly baked bread. Kneading dough gives it texture and strength, which allows the bread to rise to its potential.

The same principle applies to marketing. Every business could stand a little “kneading” to rise and become more profitable! The Knead to Rise series of workshops have been effective for helping business owners become comfortable with using social media, email marketing, blogging and other branding techniques to grow their business. And, as an added benefit, these workshops empower them to monitor and control what is being said about them business and how customers and clients interact with them.

BusinessInterviews.com: What inspired you to write your first book and then what inspired you to keep going?

Lauren: I have always wanted to be an author since I was young. However, I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. All I knew was that my work had to be meaningful and help as many people as possible. After the recession of 2008 and the spike in unemployment, I saw a number of people test the waters of entrepreneurship and falter. They had passion for their business, but many did not secure a strong brand presence before they went out into the world, and too many great ideas went unnoticed. I was fortunate to have a great marketing education and a strong professional background in brand management before presenting my company to the world, and I found true happiness in helping others do the same. I decided to write my first book (and the next three in my series) to help business owners get back to the basics of brand marketing before spending another dollar on unnecessary marketing options.

The individuals who tell me that Friday is their “Pour Day”, in which they apply various tactics they have learned from my book, or that “Stir” saved their business from collapsing is what keeps me motivated to write the next installments. My books are very short and to the point, but they are written for entrepreneurs that are passionate about living a better life by creating something that is unique and memorable. Those are the people that will change the way we see the world, and I am honored to be an inspiration to them.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are emerging social media trends that you’re excited about or think that our readers should be paying attention to?

Lauren: I am intrigued by the converged social media campaigns that Twitter has been promoting for the past few months. Ben & Jerry’s was able to reach 700 million people (or roughly 10% of the world’s population) with one of these campaigns, and it will be interesting to see how Twitter will allow small- and medium-sized companies to take advantage of this strategy to drive similar results.

BusinessInterviews.com: To blog or not to blog – that is the question.

Lauren: Blog! I have four blogs, and they are all important to drive traffic back to my brand’s website and keep the Freshly Baked Communications name top of mind to potential clients. I recommend posting at least once a week, and it does not have to be anything lengthy, but it should be original commentary. And, it may not result in new business instantly, but if you become known for developing consistent and thought-provoking information, in time you will emerge as an industry leader.

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