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“At the end of the day they can get full analytics on how productive they were and compare your productivity to co-workers.”

Liam Martin and the team with Time Doctor know first hand how to dramatically reduce wasted time. Time Doctor is a tool for companies with remote employees to track exact hours worked, monitor distractions, and get a lot done in less time.

Time Doctor offers a variety of features that not only track time, but help manage it better. They understand the challenges faced by companies with remote employees because the Time Doctor team operates out of 9 different countries!

Liam Martin, Time Doctor - Co-Founder & Marketing Lead

MO: What types of companies need Time Doctor?

Liam: Any company that has workers who work remotely which in this day and age is pretty much every company. Time Doctor allows you to remotely track employees whether they’re in a different country or have just decided not to work from the office for that day.

MO: What in your background led you to creating this tool?

Liam: Me and my co-founder (Rob Rawson) have both hired a lot of virtual employees. Rob has run an outsourcing company for years which is how he built his previous companies, and I ran an online tutoring company. The biggest customer service problem I had was the student saying he spent only 2 hours with the tutor and the tutor saying they spent 4 hours together. It was a major problem for me and I ended up having to discount my students hours and paying for my tutors full hours. Time Doctor solves all of those problems.

MO: Can you walk us through the user-experience for Time Doctor, specifically tell us about the best features Time Doctor provides?

Liam: Time Doctor is pretty simple, a user installs the application on their computer and when they’re ready to work they input their top tasks into the system. The user then chooses a task and goes through their workday. At the end of the day they can get full analytics on how productive they were and compare your productivity to co-workers. We feel like giving the workers access to their data actually makes them more productive unlike other companies and we’ve seen amazing jumps in productivity from our user base.

MO: In your beta testing right now all of the plans are FREE. How quickly do you plan on monetizing Time Doctor, and what will this monitization look like?

Liam: It’s hard to say, we don’t want to charge for something that’s not polished so we’re still at least a few months off from going paid but we’ll probably charge a couple bucks a month per user so companies don’t have to buy a ton of licenses, the product can grow with them.

MO: With features that take screen shots of the users monitor, some may think that Time Doctor is only for companies that do not trust their employees to actually work. What is your response to this critique?

Liam: Actually, screen shot monitoring is by far our most requested feature but based off our user patterns most people try screenshot monitoring for the first week or two and then rarely use it. The reason? If you can see a graph like this…

Time Doctor Chart

Then why would you look through 500 screenshots a day? The product isn’t designed to monitor employees but to make them more productive. We think boosting peoples productivity is much better than simply monitoring them.

MO: What can we expect in the future from Time Doctor?

Liam: We have quite a few features we’re testing out with our users now to figure out which direction we want to go. The biggest decisions tech companies can make is choosing what not to do instead of what to do so if you want to see all our ideas and help shape our direction you can sign up for an account at http://www.timedoctor.com/

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