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“LifeBio.com… There’s no reason for life stories and wisdom to be lost or forgotten.”

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LifeBio captures life stories and promotes better health through reminiscence. LifeBio generates short or longer biographies, specialized stories (ex. travel story, veterans story, baby story, love story, etc.), or provides a platform for journaling. It’s even possible to pull together a compilation of everyone’s remembrances of a parent or grandparent in LifeBio’s “Stories and Memories” chapter.

LifeBio’s online system creates instant ready-to-print, ready-to-share life stories—so it’s easier than ever to create a lasting legacy and to build strong relationships with your own family. Stories, photos, video, and audio are uploaded into the LifeBio too. LifeBio also publishes the information in hardcover Legacy Books.

MO: How did you come up with the concept for LifeBio?

Beth: One of the most powerful experiences I have had in my life was interviewing my own grandmother. When I decided that I really wanted to start my own company, I put together my passion for biography, my love of people, and my interest in business. I’m grateful for the chance to bring families together and start new conversations….by helping them ask the right questions of their loved ones.

MO: Can you talk about the development process of putting together LifeBio’s online system and any early challenges that you faced?

Beth: LifeBio was the first online biography system so we were blazing a trail on how this should look and work. Before LifeBio came along, it was an expensive proposition to create a book of life stories—hire an interviewer, spend thousands of dollars, transcription, editing, printing, etc. So LifeBio was (and still is) disruptive technology. It’s much more than a website – it is a web platform that stores very rich information about a person’s life experiences—and makes it easy to share too. With a huge database of thousands of biography questions and now thousands of users, we were building for that from the beginning so the engine had to be rock solid. We had to be open to feedback from our users, who tend to be older than typical web users. They were telling us what biography questions we were missing. They were giving us feedback on usability, and we were adjusting for that as fast as possible.

MO: How did you know when to seek investment? What tips would you give to our readers who are currently seeking and researching potential investment opportunities?

Beth: We sought investment when we figured out that this big idea was going to be very tough to bootstrap any longer. I’d say seek funding early (earlier than we did) and think really big. Look at crowdfunding as an option — LifeBio has built a profile at www.Fundable.com. Look at angel investors – that’s who we have attracted so far—especially ones that will have a natural affinity to what your business’s mission is. That’s what we’ve found. Formulate a capital access plan for the long haul.

MO: Do you have any specific LifeBio related stories that you’ve found particularly inspiring?

Beth: Wow – it’s hard to pick a few specific stories. But one that comes to mind is Harold Benson – who worked in NASA’s Apollo program, that put man on the moon. He helped design the moon landing system. So here is a true rocket scientist – but he appreciated the ability to simply create this biography too. Here’s a link to a few of his memories… http://www.lifebio.com/Content/Samples/Harold%20Benson.pdf

We have had the privilege to really get to know people very well – as we help them bring together their life stories. There are so many extraordinary “ordinary” people out there – we are continually amazed at the things people have been through over a period of 70, 80, or 100 years. One time a woman contacted us to say, “My mom’s on her journey to heaven and the grandkids are here at the hospital with her. We are reading her LifeBio book to her, and she is smiling.” There’s no better work than what we do!

MO: Can you share the positive impacts that reminiscence can have in the lives of older adults?

Beth: A core part of LifeBio’s business is working with senior care and health care providers across the US and Canada. We are capturing the life stories of people with early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease – and helping those who are aging normally to create a lasting legacy. Over the last 20 years, there have been hundreds of studies showing positive outcomes from reminiscence such as lowering heart rate, lowering physical pain, lowering depression. Preliminary research with Iowa State University on LifeBio found it increased satisfaction with life and improved cognitive function in older adults. So remembering the journey of life isn’t just interesting….it’s good for your health!

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Beth: Now that the NEW version of www.lifebio.com has launched, the possibilities are endless. LifeBio just makes it even easier for visitors to signup for free and begin creating their own LifeBio that tells life stories with words, photos, video, and audio included. Answer 10 questions or 200 questions. Follow the biography process or just journal about your everyday experiences—keeping important things private and secure.

A one-stop place to save memories and the STORY that goes with them. A priceless gift really.

Families are going to love the way LifeBio makes it easy to write your life story. You can have richer conversations and save the life stories in a way that they can be instantly shared (only if you wish), printed, and published. There’s no reason for life stories and wisdom to be lost or forgotten.


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