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“Public Relations is about striking a balance between innovation and trust.”

Michelle Stansbury is the founder of Little Penguin Public Relations, a boutique Public Relations Consulting company in San Diego that delivers custom-designed PR campaigns. They excel at building credibility, generating positive press and media exposure, and positioning your company as experts in your industry.

Michelle’s background is in public relations, branding, and business development. She began her PR career at People’s Revolution in Los Angeles and then gained valuable branding experience starting up a new division of Abercrombie & Fitch before beginning her international experience working with nonprofits in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Michelle’s passion is to facilitate the growth and success of San Diego companies.

Little Penguin PR

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you tell our readers about your Low-Overhead Advantage and how it helps separate you from the competition?

Michelle: I understand that small businesses need to get a lot of value for their marketing dollar. By keeping Little Penguin PR’s overhead low, it means that we are not passing on unnecessary expenses to our clients. Our clients pay for our expertise, hard work, and results – when they need it and how they need it.

BusinessInterviews.com: How can new businesses start establishing credibility from day one?

Michelle: For a new business, it is important to establish trust and credibility from the beginning. By getting involved in the community, new businesses can begin to establish relationships and demonstrate their expertise. PR efforts like being quoted in industry publications, winning awards, and building strategic partnerships can help new companies start building their credibility.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some marketing trends that you’re excited about or think that our readers should be paying attention to?

Michelle: Public Relations is about striking a balance between innovation and trust; we encourage trying out new marketing trends as a small part of a strategic marketing plan. Recently, some companies were jumping on new trends in marketing and PR without thinking through how it would help grow their business. From social media trends to mobile apps to infographics, new marketing techniques continually arise and it is equally as important to utilize these new tools as it is to maintain a balance.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you elaborate on how implementing Experiential Marketing can help strengthen relationships with current clients?

Michelle: Most of my clients use referrals as a significant source of new business, so maintaining strong relationships with current and past clients is an essential component of marketing. Experiential Marketing is about showcasing your corporate culture in order to turn clients into brand ambassadors.

BusinessInterviews.com: What are some ways that someone can start the process of establishing themselves as a thought leader in their industry?

Michelle: By volunteering your time and skills to non-profits and community organizations, you can start serving as a resource to others. Once you have established yourself in the community, there are often further opportunities to position yourself as a thought leader, including public speaking, creating white papers, and being quotes as an industry expert in relevant articles and publications.

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