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“I am motivated by the excitement of doing what’s never been done before and defying those who say certain things can’t be done.”

Louis J. Silberman, President and Co-Founder of National Laser Institute, is an entrepreneur known for starting Health4her.com, a women’s health and beauty retailer. Louis launched Health4her out of his garage in 1998, and it quickly became a profitable online retail health company. It was actually the sixth most visited pharmacy site in the world with 500,000 visitors per month, beating out both Walgreens.com and CVS.com. Louis is also the author of “Make it Happen…Online” sold at amazon.com and “Make It Happen” (Motivational DVD helping individuals turn their passions into a business).

National Laser Institute operates the most comprehensive medical aesthetic and cosmetic laser training program in the country; providing accredited courses for physicians, nurses and other health professionals, as well as offering courses for aesthetic professionals and individuals seeking a new career path.

Louis Silberman, National Laser Institute - President & Co-Founder

MO: As a serial entrepreneur why did you choose the National Laser Institute as your next venture?

Louis: Years ago, I became friends with an aesthetician who worked at the first medical spa in Arizona. I was fascinated by the work she was doing with cosmetic laser technology. The medical spa concept was very new at the time, and my plan was to open the second medical spa in Arizona. However, by the time we opened for business in 2003, it seemed medical spas were on every block! That’s when I realized there was a high demand for cosmetic laser professionals, but no standardized comprehensive training programs. At the time, education was limited to a four-hour equipment training session from the laser manufacturers.

MO: You clearly have an entrepreneurial spirit. What motivates you to continually start your own businesses? What lessons have you learned along the way?

Louis: I am motivated by the excitement of doing what’s never been done before and defying those who say certain things can’t be done. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that nothing lasts forever. When you’re at your peak, it’s best to start looking at future options for your business that maximize gains and minimize losses.

MO: How is the fusion of laser services and day spa services changing the beauty industry?

Louis: Treatments that utilize laser, light-based or radiofrequency technology offer faster and stronger results compared to traditional spa skincare methods.

MO: What’s your most popular medical spa treatment? Is there anything decreasing in popularity?

Louis: Botox®/Dysport™ treatments and laser hair removal procedures are the most popular treatments. Basic facials are decreasing in popularity.

MO: The beauty industry is constantly evolving, how do you manage to stay on top of trends and how easy is it to incorporate them into your business model?

Louis: I attend all the industry trade shows, read the industry publications and keep in close contact with the creators of these devices. I know about the latest and greatest technology before it hits the market, so I am able to plan ahead for implementation into the schools and medical spas.

MO: You’re planning to expand to Chicago, Hawaii and Toronto over the next 12 months. What influenced you to choose these locations and how will it change the business?

Louis: The expansion plans have changed to include Chicago, Toronto, Newport Beach and New York. We are also moving ahead with an international expansion to offer courses in Spain.

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