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“For consumers, we eliminate the hassle of finding a service provider that matches their needs.”

Seva Call is a next generation search engine that connects consumers and service professionals in a way that is convenient and beneficial to both- by phone and in real time. For the consumer it eliminates the frustration which comes with trying to find a service provider that is a good fit. For the service provider it brings customers at a much higher retention rate than traditional advertising methods.

MO: How did you come up with the concept for Seva Call?

Manpreet: Gurpreet Singh, my brother and partner, realized that customers needed a way to get matched to available local professionals. At his Maryland-based IT firm he’d previously founded, he would get calls from me people that he unfortunately couldn’t help. He would be either booked, too far, or didn’t offer the service. Their frustrations and his efforts to help inspired the idea for Seva Call- a way to help customers connect to the right business the first time.

MO: How are you are helping both consumers and service providers?

Manpreet: For consumers, we eliminate the hassle of finding a service provider that matches their needs. They spend 30 minutes reading consumer reviews, visiting ten or so websites, and calling different companies before finding the right service professional. Along the way they run into outdated business listings, busy signals, answering machines, poorly monitored email addresses, and businesses who can’t help them. Each of the three professionals that contact the consumer through our secure line knows what they need, matches their scheduling needs, and wants to help them.

For businesses, we offer a free preview and the option to talk to some of the hottest leads in the industry- a real person standing by to book a service. The business can decline any lead that doesn’t match their needs and cherry pick the highest quality leads to maximize their profits after paying a small flat rate. Plus, we help them avoid the reliance on hit-and-miss only marketing schemes that make them visible to all the wrong audience and have shaky conversion rates.

MO: Can you elaborate on how you’re able to customize your offerings by understanding what services are most important to residents of the area you’re serving?

Manpreet: We do extensive market research months ahead of each launch and connect with area businesses. Businesses arise in response to a need, so through our relationship with those businesses, we learn what consumers need help finding and we focus on that.

Also, because we charge what each local business wants to pay per each conversation- we adapt seamlessly to the local economy and pricing in each industry and community.

Finally, upon launch: our presence follows local search trends. Local consumers search for most for what the community needs the most. Their search leads them to us where we connect them to local businesses- strengthening our relationship with the businesses for which people search for the most, for whom we in turn provide the most leads, and who are apparently our most important clients.

MO: You’re in the process of obtaining a second round of funding from investors. What advice would you give to our readers who are currently seeking investment?

Manpreet: Before pursuing that first round of funding, put your business plan through the paces. Be your own biggest critic; play devil’s advocate. Neither ignore the inner-voice of doubt nor be debilitated by it; rather, make it a tool to strengthen and clarify your vision. If you’re old enough to remember The X-Files than you know that dreamer Mulder was challenged and enriched by realist Scully. Every entrepreneur has to play both roles.

MO: Who inspires you?

Manpreet: My big bro, Gurpreet. We’ve been partners in crime and entrepreneurship since high school when we managed a social media site together; and, he’s taught me to throw my all into my passions in a way that I never would had I not had such a strategically wreckless hot-head for a big bro. He gives me the courage to take smart risks; especially since we’re in this together. I know, I know: awwww. Whatever. When he reads this I’ll just jab him directly in the diaphragm to balance it out. He won’t swing back because he’ll be simultaneously winded and a little choked up.

MO: Can you elaborate on your plans for expansion and making Seva a household name?

Manpreet: While we have yet to decide on a tag-line; we’re already planning radio and other campaigns to improve name recognition. Because we service every day needs- plumbers/taxis/cleaning services; we’re confident that once consumers discover our simple way to fill those needs, they will return to us for a variety of services. We’ll become as commonplace around the home as leaky pipes, car maintenance, broken windows, flooded basements, home remodeling, and spring cleaning.


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