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“There are so many different ways to invest and make money in real estate, but there are just as many ways to lose money.”

Michael Gier is a serial entrepreneur. He currently runs Protect Yourself LLC, Silver Dove Productions LLC, MHVProperties.com and MichaelGier.com.

Silver Dove Productions, LLC is a video production company that produces video for both corporate and consumer clients. Protect Yourself, LLC is a free fraud prevention internet TV show that Michael produces. He also hosts the show with each episode teaching people how to protect themselves from fraud and identity theft. MHVProperties.com is the site for Michael’s real estate investments. He has been investing for over 10 years building homes, rehabbing homes, buying and selling homes, land development, owning rental property, and more.  He also teaches others how to become real estate investors through his training events, educational DVD’s, and speaking at local real estate clubs.

Here’s a little background about why I created each business.  I’ve made a living as an entertainer for most of my life and traveled the world doing it.  I was getting older so in 2000 I decided I should find a back up career in case I stopped getting work as an entertainer.

That led me to real estate.  I purchased one of those late night infomercial products about buying property with no money and getting paid to purchase the property at closing.  I studied it and within a year purchased my first rental with none of my own money and when escrow closed I made $600 on the deal.  Years later I sold that first property for a profit of $170,000.  Then I put together a team and started building spec homes to sell, and from there ventured into every part of real estate investing including teaching others how to do it.

Real estate started to have problems and as we all know eventually crashed, but I saw the warning signs and decided to start another back up business.  That brought me to video production.  I was use to be in front of the camera but didn’t know anything about being behind it.  I purchased all of the required high end equipment and hired a professional to teach me how to use it all.  From there I started producing videos and built a team to help me run that.  I was still auditioning and getting performing jobs, still doing some real estate, and now doing video production.

My wife and I had talked many times about doing something to educate people about how to avoid fraud and identity theft and now that I had the production company, we decided to produce an internet TV show as a free community service.

Each of your businesses are very different from each other. Can you explain how you manage to stay on top of such varied businesses?

I have a good team in place for each business that helps me keep things running.  Each business has its own needs and the required help is different for each.

Tell us more about Silver Dove Productions and who your target market is?

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