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“I told myself that even if the business didn’t work out, the knowledge and experience I would gain would be worth it since what I would learn about managing money would help me to raise my children.”

Nancy D. Butler has started and sold one business, and now runs another business focused around her speaking and consulting services. Above All Else is Nancy’s company that allows her to speak on many topics and teach continuing education classes for financial advisors. Nancy is a Certified Divorce Financial Analysts as well as a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Long Term Care Specialist

Nancy is a well recognized and quoted speaker and helps businesses grow their bottom line.

Above All Else

Tell us about the process of starting your first company?

While in the process of a divorce I took my children and with no child support, alimony or other source of income, moved 70 miles away and started my own business.

At the new location I was offered a salaried position at a higher pay then I had ever had before, but realized they were hiring me at “the top of the ladder” leaving me no place to grow.  I did not want a job.  I needed a career.

I knew nothing about saving, investing or financial planning and had never owned a CD, mutual fund or anything other than a savings account.  I told myself that even if the business didn’t work out, the knowledge and experience I would gain would be worth it since what I would learn about managing money would help me to raise my children.

I became and remain extremely organized and focused.  I got very good at marketing and media relations, enabling me to build the business quickly.

I built the business from scratch to approx. $200 million in assets under management.

What is your favorite topic to speak on during your speaking engagements and why?

“Anchoring Your Clients To You, How To Be The Company Of Choice”

Clients or customers are the life blood of any business. Also, it is normally less expensive to keep a good client than it is to find a new one.  With so much competition out there, it is more important than ever to find ways to stand out and “anchor your clients to you”.

Why did you decide to get certified as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?

With so many divorces today and since I have been through it myself, I took the special training required to be a CDFA so I could help people obtain a financially fair split and also help them understand their financial position for the future.  Since I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in business for many years, the combination gives me insight that other professionals may not have.

What is one challenge you believe you face as a successful female entrepreneur?

Juggling it all, since often females manage the home, children and their business. For me:

·         Finding time for me

·         Being a single parent

·         Re-married while managing my business

·         I have taken care of my grandchildren twice a week and for 4 weeks in summer, for the last 14 years

·         I have been managing my 87 year old mother’s care for more than ten years

·         We designed, built and moved to two new homes during my career.

When and why did you make the decision to sell your first business?

About 12 years prior I knew I would want to retire in the not too distant future. Selling the business to the right person to help ensure it would continue to serve clients well and have a great reputation for many years to come while assuring my staff would continue to have jobs was extremely important to me.

Selling the business when it was the best it had ever been, felt great and meant more freedom for me.

How do you plan to expand your business in the next few years?

I have been working diligently to build my national speaking business. My plan includes building greater radio, television and print media presence as well as on-line/social media presence.  I am in the process of writing my first book and am in the process of hiring a professional speaking business coach to help me build my referral base and secure a regular schedule of speaking engagements.

I am also in the process of completing in depth research to better assure the message I am bringing is what the audience really needs and wants.   I will then further develop my material and speeches to deliver valuable information that is specifically targeted to the audiences’ needs today.

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