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“Our reach has tripled in size to over 3 Billion monthly impressions over the past 6 months, which is appealing to content marketers.”


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nRelate is a content discovery platform in the growing content marketing/content discovery sector, providing targeted article recommendations for more than 50k publishers.

MO: Hey Neil, it’s great to have you back. A lot has happened since our last interview in March and we’re excited to catch up with you on the progress you’ve made over the last few months. As a recap can you remind our readers of the services you offer to get customers more engaged in online content?

Neil: Sure. nRelate is a content discovery platform that provides targeted article recommendations for publishers. For customers, it helps those who don’t solely use search engines to find content but to also discover new related content and spend more time with that content on different channels. Through distribution on nRelate’s publisher network, content marketers can reach audiences uniquely engaged with content they trust.

MO:Can you talk about the experience of recently being acquired by the Ask.com group and what that partnership has meant to the vision and direction of nRelate?

Neil:It’s been great! What sets nRelate apart is being a part of the Ask.com family – our advertisers have the potential for content distribution on Ask’s Q&A platform, which sees 100 million global users a month as a top 10 US Internet property. No other content recommendation platform is owned by a top consumer destination website – this is wholly unique. We also just inked a deal with CBS Interactive to ultimately act as the exclusive provider of content recommendations on its network, which includes CNET, CBS News, CBS Sports, GameSpot, and ZDNet. With both CBS Interactive and About.com as exclusive nRelate publishers, our reach has tripled in size to over 3 Billion monthly impressions over the past 6 months, which is appealing to content marketers.

MO: What has it been like to transition into part of the Ask.com group? Do you have any tips or advice for other companies contemplating or going through the acquisition process?

Neil: The teams have been gelling really well, and as you can see, business has been booming because of it. To have a larger, successful technology player in the space see and understand our value was big validation, and they wanted to help us to continue to grow our product base with the right resources.

MO: What are some tips for our readers to improve page views on their blog and enhance reader engagement?

Neil:Bloggers have so much great information to share, and with free tools like ours, we allow every content site, from the casual blogger to the biggest newspapers in the world, the ability to engage more with their readers by giving them more of what they are looking for. In fact, sites that use our plugin on average see about a 6% lift in traffic, and we actually have sites that see more than a 20% lift.

MO:If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started, what business related advice would you give yourself?

Neil:Well I would definitely stress the importance of being as diligent with the bookkeeping from day one as possible. Besides that, I think I would have advised myself to get started faster. In the first months, we only worked a few nights and weekends. I wish now that we just trusted our gut instincts from day one and started right when we had the idea.



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