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“Traveling is also a terrific way to engage with a wide range of different people and network with them, which, I believe, is the basis of a successful business.”

Prior to launching her own, virtual, company, Pascale Communications, LLC, Georgette Pascale was Director of the healthcare practice at RLM PR. She formed Pascale Communications to address an underserved niche within healthcare PR by successfully forging meaningful relationships with editors, publishers and clients.

Pascale Communications, LLC (PC) is a nine-year-old virtual public relations firm that is staffed by a permanent team of senior level strategists from around the country.

PC’s focus is finely honed on the healthcare industry, with specialties in the pharmaceutical, medical device and non-profit marketplaces. The firm provides expertise in medical writing, event planning, trade/consumer relations and social media and, equally important, is skilled at cultivating and maintaining invaluable relationships with industry experts, key opinion leaders and the media. PC achieves unparalleled results by understanding the intricacies of a well-run healthcare PR campaign.

Pascale Communications

BusinessInterviews.com: When did you know that the time was right to launch your own PR firm?

Georgette: I had been working from home for the job I had just prior to opening my own shop. I found that I was more productive and that there were actually fewer distractions working that way. It became clear to me that I could create a whole company with like-minded professionals who were self motivated, responsible and dedicated. That was a very attractive idea and it was the smartest business move I’ve made in my career.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you talk about the art of building a virtual public relations firm with the feel of a traditional brick and mortar company?

Georgette: The first element was to hire the right group of individuals. My goal was to create and maintain a well-oiled, permanent team rather than deal with an ever-changing group of freelancers. In order to keep my virtual staff in place I developed a sense of community among my team so that they became a cohesive and collaborative group. It’s good for us and it’s good for the clients. To do that, I’m available at all hours in all time zones, I hold regular group calls and also encourage members of the team to work together, with each person offering their own unique set of skills and expertise. I also fly everyone in to meet face-to-face once a year. That’s always a great event. The only thing I think we’re missing at Pascale Communications is the office politics. There’s no jockeying for a corner office- because there’s no office.

BusinessInterviews.com: How do you think that your extensive travel for both business and pleasure has helped shape your perspective when it comes to serving clients?

Georgette: Travel is such an important part of my life and growth. I think it’s vitally important to look at the world from a number of different perspectives. Visiting other cultures is a great way to do that. Traveling is also a terrific way to engage with a wide range of different people and network with them, which, I believe, is the basis of a successful business. Travel is not glamorous or even particularly easy these days and traveling as much as I do has definitely taught me to be more patient.

BusinessInterviews.com: Does creating and running a healthcare PR campaign include any unique challenges that are not present in other industries?

Georgette: First, I love working in the healthcare field because we’re promoting services and products that can really help people. That said, there are challenges in this field such as waiting for FDA approval, legal processes and compliance issues that all have to be in place before we can begin publicity efforts. It’s also important for us to work closely with our client spokespeople, often doctors and industry leaders, to speak in layperson terms rather than medical lingo so that journalists and most importantly, the general public, understand the value of the product, pharmaceutical or service.

BusinessInterviews.com: What advice would you pass onto to someone who is about become a mentor for the first time?

Georgette: Be honest. That means first that the first time mentor has to be honest with his or herself. Do they have the time, the energy, the temperament to mentor someone? They also have to be honest with the person they’re mentoring – otherwise, what’s the point? The mentee will only learn and grow from honest assessments of their talents and skills.

BusinessInterviews.com: You’re highly involved nationally and locally and routinely in providing your marketing and public relations expertise to advance the objectives of several non-profit organizations such as Prevent Blindness (PB) and Ophthalmic Women Leaders (OWL.) Can you talk about what inspires your decision making process when it comes to supporting non-profits?

Georgette: I learned the importance of giving back early in my life and my career. It’s a big part of who I am. I stay aware of many non-profit organizations both local and national. For me to get involved, first, the organization has to touch my heart on a very personal level. Once I get involved then it becomes all about the incredible people who lead and work for the non-profit. I have learned so much from so many of these individuals.

BusinessInterviews.com: Do you think that all businesses need to embrace social media in order to thrive?

Georgette: Companies don’t have to embrace social media but they absolutely should-because it’s not going away. I believe it would be foolish to ignore the technology, its reach and its power. It’s smart and strategic to stay aware of the new social media channels and create a presence for your company.

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