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“PetCareRx built a strong foundation around every pet parent’s requirements, backed by a great product line and the highest level of service and convenience.”

PetCareRx Founder and COO

Blake Brossman

Last week I was able to catch up with Blake Brossman founder and COO of PetCareRx, one of the nation’s leading online suppliers of pet prescriptions and medications. Brossman answered questions about why he chose the pet care products business and the plusses and minuses of such a venture. It’s not your ordinary online entrepreneurial endeavor, but then again Blake Brossman is not your ordinary online entrepreneur.

MO: Mr. Brossman thanks for taking time out of your schedule to speak with us. Starting off, why pet medication? It says here you’ve got outstanding business development and direct marketing experience – you could’ve done anything online – why this?

BLAKE BROSSMAN: Great to be talking with you, thanks. Well when I was first deciding what kind of online business venture I should get myself into back in 1998, my old Rottweiler Lou was showing his age and the vet bills were skyrocketing. Lou eventually past away from old age and while I was sad I was also upset that the expense of a vet visit inhibited my ability to get my dog the care he needed. It dawned on me, while the internet was still pretty young, that it could be used as an outlet for pet medicine suppliers to mail medicines directly to pet owners. Starting a business takes passion and it was something I happened to be passionate about at the time.

MO: Many pet owners remain skeptical about online pet medication sources. PetCareRx is a registered pharmacy in all 50 states and is Vet-VIPPS certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, so how do you survive in a market with questionable and even criminal competitors?

BB: It makes it a lot easier! (Laughs) Honestly though it’s a shame that the Internet is littered with illegal pet medicine suppliers. Many are situated in foreign countries to evade FDA regulations and can contribute to heartbreaking worsening of health for your pet. They can sell expired or faulty medicines that do more harm than good. But like I said, it makes honesty stand out on its own. It does make it difficult sometimes to convince people not every online pet medicine supplier is crooked, but I let the NABP certification and regulation speak for itself.

MO: Is PetCareRx affiliated with any animal welfare organizations?

BB: When you enter a business where you’re not only tasked with making sure animals are getting the right care they need, but that pet owners are getting the right help they need, your profiteering is based on the uncontrollable health and emotional needs of others. It’s a job someone has to do, but that doesn’t mean you should be able to break away with pure profit. PetCareRx is constantly staying engaged with local animal shelters providing medicine, food, and even toys, to animals in need. We understand the importance of returning fortune back to the unfortunate. Making sure animals get the care they need despite the human need for money to be exchanged is why I started this business in the first place.

MO: Do you have some final thoughts you can share for anyone wanting to start an online supply company?

BB: Don’t think every niche has been filled yet because it definitely hasn’t. When I started almost 13 years ago the Internet was still highly competitive even for how young of a market it was. Pet medications sold online wasn’t an idea I came up with first or by myself, yet it’s 2011 and I’m doing fine. The Internet of 2011 is obviously much more complex and competitive than in 1998, but all that means is that there is an endless supply of opportunity to supply people with the things they need through online processes. You just have to look but more importantly look into the future and see what people are going to want.

MO: Thank you so much for your time.

BB: Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.

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