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“I used to be so afraid of public speaking and now I love it.”

Jennifer Bonetto is a Feng Shui expert. She created Real Feng Shui SOULutions. Jennifer is a Certified Master of Classical Feng Shui. From Fortune 500 companies to stay-at-home moms and beyond, Jennifer has helped a broad list of clients improve all areas of wealth, health and relationships in their lives with Real Feng Shui SOULutions.

Classical Feng Shui has passed the test of time because of its ability to support and enhance the human experience. This site is a reflection of Jennifer’s dedication to Feng Shui and providing the most accurate and relevant information on this ancient science.

How did you first get involved with Feng Shui, and what was your training like?

I’ve always had the desire to help others. I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to do something where I could incorporate my love of real estate and metaphysical but not the “wu wu” stuff that most people think of. I wanted to do something that was legitimate and that would really help people and I had concrete evidence of that. I am an MBA so I am very pragmatic and when I do something before I go full force I have to make sure I’ve done enough research and that it’s authentic. So I started doing research and I discovered that there were so many different types of feng shui, most of them being faux or popular feng shui. I knew I wanted to study with the best because I wanted to provide the best service that I could to help people in their lives and make a noticeable difference. I found my teacher and studied with her for 2 years. She taught me everything I know. We would do case studies together. She helped me build my clientele and she would review all my work to make sure the recommendations were accurate. Not only did I learn new information all the time, it was also a mentoring program and she really helped me to create a business of helping people. It was an amazing experience and so grateful for the knowledge she imparted on me.

Can you give our readers a brief summary of the philosophy behind Feng Shui, and why it is important?

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