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“Basically, it is the idea that you can build a stylish, high-quality home that is built to last (both in construction and design), but that also uses the latest innovations in green construction.”


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In 2007, Rethink Renovations was born out of an idea: the marriage of the old and the new.

As a St. Louis-based, family-owned and operated design/build firm, Rethink Renovations blends progressive ideology with traditional roots to offer green construction, design/build, and full lines of cabinetry and furniture that minimize environmental impact.

The company works with homeowners, design firms, and architects to create eco-friendly remodeling solutions that include sustainably-harvested wood, and locally-produced, non-toxic materials. Rethink Renovations is committed to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of spaces, but, more importantly, to preserving the health and well-being of the clients who will create memories in the spaces. For more, please visit www.rethinkrenovations.com or call 314-323-8845.

Gus: What inspired you to launch Rethink Renovations? How has your background and experience helped contribute to the direction and vision of the company?

Gail: My husband and business partner had a long history in construction and was always amazed at the amount of waste that goes into remodeling and building. I had a newborn at home and so became very aware of indoor air quality—and the products that were polluting the quality of the air we were breathing. My husband and I combined our skillsets and interests to create a sustainable remodeling and building company. My business educational background coupled with my interest in real estate and design made it a perfect entrepreneurial fit.

Gus: Can you provide an example of how you blend progressive ideology with traditional roots to offer green construction solutions?

Gail: It is where design meets technology and materials. Basically, it is the idea that you can build a stylish, high-quality home that is built to last (both in construction and design), but that also uses the latest innovations in green construction. It is combining timeless with the latest, proven eco-conscious methodologies.

Gus: What are some easy tips that our readers could implement to make their home safer and more environmentally sustainable?

Gail: Make sure your HVAC system is up to date; today, you can purchase HVAC systems that have a 96% efficiency rating. In addition, I would recommend conducting an energy audit in your home to see what is working efficiently and what is not. I also recommend becoming more conscious of the products you are using—and the level of toxins those products contain. If you are finishing your floors, make sure the company uses a water-based finish. Put thermal panels on your windows to increase efficiency (and save you money). Change your air filters every six months (at the bare minimum) and invest in sustainable products that are produced locally.

Gus: What are some eco inspired trends that you’re excited about?

Gail: What’s old is now new. I love when I see pieces that have been repurposed; heirloom furniture that has been refinished, vintage pieces reconfigured for modern use, etc. In addition, I love the fact that reclaimed wood is becoming more and more popular in new construction and remodeling jobs. It’s beautiful and earth-friendly!

Gus: What are some marketing strategies you’ve used to attract clients to your niche services?

Gail: We’ve grown Rethink Renovations by becoming involved in the green movement in St. Louis, MO and becoming a part of the causes we care about. Sponsorship and educational opportunities are wonderful networking avenues, and we’ve met great clients, partners, vendors, and referral sources through these events.

Gus: If you could go back in a time machine to the time when you were just getting started, what business related advice would you give yourself?

Gail: Follow your gut instinct. Although it is wonderful to gather a myriad of opinions before making a decision or narrowing a market focus, the right answer is usually the one you’ve felt was right from the beginning. I would encourage the younger Rethink Renovations team to trust themselves and move forward confidently with their mission.


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