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9 tips to Re-train your brain for success in 2013

Entrepreneur Diane Lang

Written by MO.com Subject Matter Resource Diane Lang

Before we know it the holidays will be in full swing and another new year will be on the horizon. Now is the time to start reflecting on the past year (not dwelling – there is a difference) and looking forward to a new year. As we set goals and resolutions start preparing now for success in 2013 (and still for 2012!), here are nine tips to retrain your brain for success:

1. Your thoughts produce your actions. You can change your actions/behaviors by changing how you think. Be self-aware of your negativity. Once you are aware, you can make changes.

2. Know your triggers. What locations or people cause you stress? Once you figure out your triggers, you can set up boundaries and limitations.

3. Positive affirmations should become a daily habit. Every day start out with positive affirmations. For example: I’m healing from an illness so I wake up daily saying, “I’m healthy and happy!” or “I’m feeling better each day.”

4. Watch yourself talk. Remove words such as: I can’t, I won’t, I shouldn’t, I don’t want, could, would, maybe, etc. Use new words that represent positivity such as I choose, I can, I want, I am, it’s my choice, I’m free to, etc.

5. Emotional detox. Remove the toxic people from your life. Moods and emotions are contagious so you want to surround yourself with positive people. If you’re surrounded by toxic people, they can drain you and bring you down.

6. Change the things you can control. When making changes work on things you CAN control; if you constantly work on things you can’t control, you will be setting yourself up for failure. You will feel frustrated and stressed. Work on what you CAN.

7. Clear your emotional debt. What old thoughts or habits are you holding onto? What need is it fitting? What new thought could you replace it with? What are you afraid of?

8. Visualize the change. What does your life look like with the new changes and thoughts? How do you act differently? How do you feel? How has your environment or people change?

Visualize you with the new habits/thoughts. If you can see it, you can get there!

9. Stick with it! Always be patient with yourself. It can take time to make changes. Be kind to yourself. Change is a process that takes time and work.

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