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“I really think that having a both a global view and a global experience broadens the effectiveness of any professional or business owner.”

Robert Rogers has acted as outside counsel for several Florida companies operating throughout the globe in industries such as construction, capital investment, engineering, education, and health services. Also, he has done immigration work with Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services as well as litigation and corporate work in Orlando and Miami.

Robert’s legal practice focuses on supplying business and immigration solutions to domestic and international entrepreneurs and families and is based in Miami, FL.

MO: What tips would you give to a company contemplating international relocation?

Robert: International relocation can be difficult for a company for three main reason: 1) lack of understanding of the legal structure, 2) cultural impact on business and 3) cost of relocation. It is critical for any business that is moving into a new jurisdiction or location to reach out to legal counsel in order to determine what the legal liabilities would be in setting up shop in the new locale. Also, business operates differently in different countries/cultures and it is necessary for a business owner to understand how they will need to operate and function in order to succeed in the new location. Also, as with any expansion or move in business, it is necessary to effectively budget the costs of relocation and compare them with the benefits of making the move. There are many governmental and private organizations that focus specifically on assisting business owners with these relocations. Seeking them out should be your first step.

MO: What are some of the most common immigration issues that you see your clients face and how can they be avoided?

Robert: Probably the most difficult part of an immigration application is creating the appropriate ‘record’ in order to qualify for the visa that one is seeking to apply for. You need to make sure that you not only fill out the required forms and pay the fees, but the supplemental documents and how they are presented plays a critical role in how quickly you can have your documents processed. The most common issues that I have seen are people that did not pay attention to the requirements of the visa they are applying for and then they run in to issues with the application.

MO: Having lived in Mexico and Spain, you’ve not only developed Spanish language fluency, but have also seen how different legal structures can be from country to country. Can you talk about how this rare experience and exposure is advantageous when working with your client base?

Robert: I really think that having a both a global view and a global experience broadens the effectiveness of any professional or business owner. Not only does it teach us to learn and respect the differences of other, but it also allows us to learn how to build on similarities. My experience in Mexico taught me about the power of serving others and overcoming adversity. In Spain, I was able to refine my legal education and gain a perspective on the ‘European’ way of doing business that has been a great asset in my legal practice. Experience is truly a great educator.

MO: Have you had any mentors during the course of your career? Is there anyone who particularly inspires you?

Robert: My favorite thing about life is that it is filled with opportunities to learn and I have had many. My character and direction what shaped at a young age growing up in a house filled with books and technology. We learned the value of both in our personal development. In college, I learned about the power of a global education from my International Studies advisors, Donna Lee Bowen and Chad Emmett. Professionally, I have been able to learn from several great professionals along the way. At the end of the day, though, as cliché as it may sound, my wife is my greatest inspiration. I have really enjoyed the associations that I have had throughout my life, as they have allowed me you learn and grow consistently.

MO: What are some resources that you use to stay aware of what is happening in the world of global economy?

Robert: I am an avid consumer of the news and seek it out from as many sources as possible from the major news sites to informative bloggers. In college, I had a political geography professor the introduced me to the global focus of the Christian Science Monitor and I have been able to get a lot of interesting information there. For business news, I focus on reading from Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Lately, I have been following some interesting marketing bloggers and I have especially enjoyed following the Duct Tape Marketing Blog by John Jantsch.

MO: What’s the most exciting thing on the horizon for you personally or professionally?

Robert: I have several exciting projects that I am working on with clients both domestically and internationally. I am also building some entrepreneurial services for international business owners that are looking at bringing their businesses to the United States. I am working with some exciting startups and helping build an exciting non-profit in the Miami area that lends to and trains disadvantaged entrepreneurs. I am optimistic as I am rolling out these exciting ventures.


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