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“As a pet owner myself, I realized the great need to have someone reliable to care for our pets when we were away.”

Fetch! Pet Care is the nation’s largest and most trusted provider of professional pet sitting and dog walking services, serving thousands of pets and pet parents from coast to coast. We take the stress out of finding a sitter and add convenience to your life by doing all of the legwork for you. We match you and your pets with the most qualified, experienced pet professional possible. Our reliable, courteous pet sitters ensure your scheduling needs and any special requirements are met with consistent, responsive care.

Sandy Lowell recognized the fantastic opportunity to grow the existing Fetch! in the Boulder Valley and is enthusiastically working toward expanding the business through additional advertising, promotions and community events.

Sandy Lowell, Fetch!Pet Care - Owner

MO: How did you learn about Fetch! Pet Care?

Sandy: I had been looking for an opportunity to move back home to Colorado and found the franchise for sale. The former owner was selling and moving out of state and the franchise sounded interesting, so I did some research and was impressed with what I learned about Fetch!

MO: What appealed to you about being part of a franchise?

Sandy: I had started a pet sitting service in Batavia, Illinois and it was going well, but the idea of being a part of a nationwide franchise presence and the Fetch! model was very appealing to me. The vast amount of resources available through Fetch! is amazing and very helpful.

MO: Did you have any animal care or animal health experience before setting up Fetch? Or just a love of animals and desire to help stressed out owners?

Sandy: I have cared for animals for years and started a pet sitting business in Batavia, Illinois prior to moving back to Colorado. As a pet owner myself, I realized the great need to have someone reliable to care for our pets when we were away. I have always believe inproviding excellent customer service because it is so hard to find these days and Fetch! offered a business model that really fit my personality and work ethic.

MO: What makes Boulder an ideal place to open a pet based business?

Sandy: Boulder is a vibrant community that loves animals and their pets are very much an integral part of the healthy, active, Boulder lifestyle. The Humane Society of Boulder receives pets from across the country due to their reputation for being able to adopt out a vast number of dogs and cats!

MO: How has the community responded to Fetch! so far? What’s your strategy for reaching pet owners and ensuring repeat business?

Sandy: I have had a fabulous response! I am reaching out to local businesses and charities to attain additional name recognition and growth. We get a lot of repeat business due to our excellent customer service and fantastic specialized pet care. We have many repeat customers and we provide extra special love and care to our pet clients!

MO: You have 8 independent contractors as part of the Fetch team. How hard was it to find individuals that you felt represented the brand and how important is it to have the right team?

Sandy: I have been very lucky to be blessed with a wonderful team of pet loving, caring, professional pet sitters that absolutely love spending time with pets! It is VERY important to have great pet sitters that truly love the pets and enjoy taking care of them. We all work together to provide consistently quality pet care for our very special clients!

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