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SEOBOOK – The value of review

I was recently scanning through some of our past interviews on MO.com. I love reading over past interviews or viewing the videos and more times than not, I find a nugget of information I had previously missed or that just hadn’t sunk in the first time through. I found that this holds especially true for the interview conducted by Kevin Ohashi with Aaron Wall of SEOBook.com.

What I really enjoy about this interview is the way Aaron opens up to Kevin’s questions and pours out feelings and details. It gives a sense of how he thinks, what he’s been through, and where he’s coming from. The responses come across as honest and open, with lessons embedded within them. Those lessons, I am uncovering each time I read through the interview. It’s like a mentoring session and I can find pieces that apply to situations that I am facing now, that perhaps didn’t exist for me the first time I read through.

If it has been a while since you’ve read this one, I encourage you to revisit it and pull from it some new information or new lessons. If you gain nothing new from it, you have still spent your time wisely, as Aaron has an interesting story to tell and does so in a captivating way.

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