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“The ability to think outside the box is not for everyone, but for those who can the treasures that life can hold are limitless!”

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Shawn Hermanson owns Buzz Revolution, a Denver based marketing firm. Shawn started Buzz Revolution because marketing and PR are his passion and he loves helping businesses succeed.

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Shawn Hermanson, Buzz Revolution - Owner

MO: You started Buzz Revolution in 2008 with an initial capital investment of $10,000. How has the company evolved since you first founded it?

Shawn: A lot has changed since 2008 and sometimes I cannot believe where the business is at right now! Previous to launching Buzz Revolution, I managed the PR/marketing aspects of several different start-up companies and those positions were where I learned to become an effective promotional consultant. When I decided to venture out on my own and start Buzz Revolution for the first couple years I worked by myself out of my home office and various coffee shops around town. Today, I am proud to boast we now have several employees and three offices located on the Front Range of Denver, Colorado.

MO: What inspired you to start your own business and what would you do differently the second time around?

Shawn: After graduating college, I took several jobs working in the corporate world and quickly realized I didn’t agree with how my managers delegated duties or ran their companies. I always felt like I could run a company better than anyone above me, and that I was supposed to be a leader of a company and not a follower. Saying all of that, I do wish I would have learned more on the job while getting a steady paycheck before I ventured out on my own. The first couple years were a bit rough, but I am finally bearing fruit from my harvest!

MO: How do you manage to stay motivated and inspired?

Shawn: The best way I stay motivated and inspired is surrounding myself with positive people that have the same entrepreneurial savvy as I do. I recently cut out several people in my life that had negative attitudes or had the beliefs that certain things were not possible. I simply do not have time for people that think this way! Another way I stay inspired is realizing how fortunate I am to own my own business and that I had the faith to take the plunge into being self-employed. There are millions of people each day that have the same dream to become self-employed but don’t have the faith that it takes. I consider myself lucky that I have that trait!

MO: Are there easy ways to generate buzz for a business, can you give our readers any tips?

Shawn: There are many aspects to generating buzz for your company, but first and foremost is to give your target audience something of value. This might be the easiest way to generate buzz for your business, with the evolution of social networking and the ability to spread that information in a timely fashion. One of the easiest and cost effective ways to generate buzz for your company RIGHT NOW is to just start asking questions to your social network followers. Engage with your customers! At Buzz Revolution we take this approach to the next level and expand the use of their social networking campaigns as well as write and distribute effective press releases that help garner effective buzz.

MO: You are launching a sports management team at Buzz Revolution. What made you decide to expand into the sports market?

Shawn: A few months ago we were contacted by a few professional athletes that were looking for social network management as well different ways to help build their brands. The first thing I noticed when helping to promote these athletes was the fact that every one of them had an inspirational story of “hard work” and “never giving up” and I thought the messages were too positive just to pass up. If one person is inspired by their stories I feel like I have helped out in a major way! Another great aspect of the sports management aspect of Buzz Revolution is the fact we help bring awareness to the athlete’s charities that a majority of them are associated with. Bringing awareness to these charities also makes my job a lot more meaningful!

MO: What marketing and social networking trends are you predicting for 2012 and how can our readers take advantage of them?

Shawn: I see viral marketing and social networking expanding even further in 2012. I see businesses continuing to adapt their marketing efforts towards mobile customers. Users of say tablets and smartphones are tech savvy consumers that want to their favorite companies to market to them on these “social” avenues. I think readers of MO.com can take advantage of these marketing trends by learning all they can from reputable marketing firms such as Buzz Revolution.

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