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“Successful people have thousands of reasons to fail- they just look those reasons straight in the eye and say: Don’t mess with me!”

Suzanne Evans, owner and founder of Suzanne Evans, LLC is a seminar, and event company providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with step- by-step systems to increase revenue, accelerate growth, and make a difference with their business movement.

Global Impact Project is a wing of Suzanne Evans, LLC that fosters business mentoring and financial support to women and girls in developing countries.

In addition, Suzanne Evans runs a 10K Club, a global program helping entrepreneurs systematically add ten thousand dollars more a month to their bottom line.

Having surpassed the seven figure mark herself in just over three years, Suzanne has coached her private clients to total revenues exceeding eight million dollars.

Suzanne Evans, Suzanne Evans, LLC - Owner & Founder

MO: Your company grew very quickly. When did you know Suzanne Evans, LLC was going to succeed?

Suzanne: I am not certain I had a magic moment where I knew the business was a success. I remember when I first started I just wanted to replace my income (about 5k a month). But, I was very clear that I had made the decision for this to work. There was no turning back and I would do whatever it took to make it a success. I feel like there is no finish line. I just continually try to innovate and be clear about what is next for myself, the company, and the clients we serve.

MO: What does the Global Impact Project mean to you, as well as the women and girls in developing countries?

Suzanne: I am very clear this is the legacy I hope to help leave. If we can educate women all over the world then we educate the entire world. When women succeed financially the reinvest that success in equality, education, and the environment. Educating every woman on the planet is the solution to global challenges.

MO: You have a tell-it-like-it-is way of building businesses. What do you feel is the most important trait you can have in owning your own business?

Suzanne: Tenacity.You will fail if you look for all the reasons you will and can. Successful people have thousands of reasons to fail- they just look those reasons straight in the eye and say: Don’t mess with me! There are tons of folks smarter, more innovative, and more intelligent than I am, but I kept going when they stopped.

MO: What systems are used in the 10K Club to help entrepreneurs?

Suzanne: We use a 60 day business plan model… business foundations are based in testing, calculated risking, and analyzing, so when you use a 60 day model you are able to evaluate your results and adapt from there. While long range planning is a good visioning tool your strategy needs to stay relevant and in a constant evolution.

MO: What was your goal when you began Suzanne Evans, LLC.

Suzanne: We have a 5 part strategy of positioning, planning, productivity, partnering, and philanthropy. These are the cornerstones to creating a financially successful and personally rewarding business. Everything is broken into 60 day planning modules so you can take action and test in a consistent way.

MO: It must be very rewarding, helping entrepreneurs. What do you feel is the best thing about your job?

Suzanne: People. Even the difficult ones. I feel lucky to spend my day meeting, mentoring, and being challenged by such a diverse group of people. Every single interaction is a life and business lesson. There is no classroom or program that can teach you to the level that business can teach you about human interaction. And of course when those clients that do whatever it takes succeed there is no greater feeling or experience. Their wins are always more touching than your own.

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