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Fundable Startup Spotlight

Swing New has launched the first club-rental subscription club for golfers.

Before joining the Swing New team Golf pro Clark Renner competed in three international PGA tours the 2000 US Open, and was the lead club fitter at Callaway Golf Co. Team member Josh Karp began teaching golf at Welk Resort in 2000 now serving as the resort’s Head Golf Professional. They joined with developers Robert Campbell and Travis DeLaby to put technology to use, disrupting the Golf industry and making great clubs more accessible for golfers.

The Founding Story

The service is the brain child of two engineers and two golf professionals, who saw a need for more accessible golf clubs. Subscribers receive unlimited golf club rentals each month, letting golf pros fill their bags with the newest clubs on the market for a low monthly price. Memberships are offered in three tiers: one club, two clubs and three clubs rented at a time. Swing New features major brands including Calloway, Titleist, and Taylor Made.

View their crowdfunding campaign here: Swing New, Inc

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