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Terra Bohlmann

Terra Bohlmann

Terra Bohlmann, PMP is the founder of TheWorkingHouse.com and author of “The Boss in Bunny Slippers” and “Think Outside the Coffee Shop”. She mentors and provides online training to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

Terra has had the opportunity to work with large, medium and small companies as a consultant for a top-tier consulting company. Over the course of her career, she has great success leading virtual teams in Asia, Europe, South America and the U.S. As an entrepreneur, she owned and operated her own retail store prior to going into business consulting. She now combines the tools and techniques used by the “big guys” to help grow small businesses not working with “big corporate” budgets.

After struggling to balance her high-demanding career as a technology consultant with her family and personal life, Terra has become an advocate for successfully working and running businesses from home. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs step into the “CEO” role of their company using leadership skills and building high performing virtual teams. She lives by the motto “Work for yourself, but not by yourself” to help connect entrepreneurs to the best resources and other like-minded individuals.

Terra lives (and works at home) in Houston, Texas with her husband and three sons. She continues to live each day with no regrets by helping amazing entrepreneurs…all while balancing date nights with her husband, cheering along at football games and play dates at the park with her toddler twins.

Terra provides free resources on her website, www.TheWorkingHouse.com. Stay connected with Terra on Facebook (TheWorkingHouse) and on Twitter (@TheWorkingHouse).