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“Teamability is like having the answer key to a million-piece organizational puzzle, and it exists because Dr. Presser cares so deeply about helping people discover positive connections to work, and to other people.”

In 1984, two behavioral scientists – Dr. Janice Presser and Dr. Jack Gerber – set out to find an answer to the question “What really happens when people ‘team’ together?” Twenty-five years of research and testing, including nine years of software development, produced a technology engineered to identify and organize the ways in which people interact in teams.

The Gabriel Institute was formed to commercialize this new ‘technology of teaming’, called Teamability┬«: a comprehensive suite of Role-based teaming metrics and methods that produce reliable and measurable business benefits. TGI is primarily a product development and marketing organization, dedicated to supporting Teamability users and a growing network of channel sales partners.

What company accomplishment are you most proud of?

The development and launching of Teamability®, the completely new technology that measures and predicts how people interact in teams, and the development of the portfolio of new methods for selecting, developing, managing, and motivating individuals and teams based on the metrics of Teamability®.

What’s the Most Exciting Thing on the Horizon for You/Your Company?:

Profitability in 2013!

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