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“The overwhelming majority of jobs come from the small business sector, not Fortune 1000 companies or the government.”

If you see an RV decked out with sponsor logos rolling by your business you may want to wave him down and ask Todd Smith to help! Todd is the CEO of Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, and is in the midst of a great journey he is calling “Takin It To The Streets”. It’s a business plan tour of the U.S., a 7,000 mile journey by RV where he helps startups, small businesses and mom & pops get their businesses off the ground.

Todd has a production deal for reality TV show in the works. He has already helped  clients raise over $160 million for their businesses and plans on doing a lot more!

Awesome business, awesome idea. Tell us, where did the idea for Takin It To The Streets come from?

The idea was actually inspired by a presentation at a conference I attended this past Spring in Chicago about “Kids Bowl Free”.  The owner of the company got a luxury motorcoach and decked it out with his logo and took it on a national tour of the U.S. promoting bowling around the country. I thought, why not try the same thing promoting business startups and entrepreneurship?   Of course, I’ve been known to go on adventures – cycling coast to coast, driving from Florida to Alaska, and a driving trek to Argentina.  So for me, it was a way to combine two passions – travel and entrepreneurship.

It’s very impressive that you have helped clients raise over $160 million for their businesses. Can you share with us some concrete ways you have helped them do so, do you consult on fundraising?

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