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We knew we had a product idea that would solve problems for teachers and display manufacturers

Paul Brown is co-founder and CEO of DisplayNote Technologies which was formed in 2012 and is based in Belfast. Prior to founding DisplayNote Technologies, Paul was the managing director of Qwizdom, which he established in 2003 and grew the organisation to be a market leader within the student response sector in the UK market. He also served as sales managers …

In early 2015, we will release Ad-Aware 12, which will offer the most comprehensive antivirus protection on the market.

Founded in 1999, Lavasoft is the original anti-malware company, creating free, award-winning security and privacy software. Born of the belief that online security should be available to everyone, Lavasoft offers millions of users maximum protection for their computers and online identities.

With close to 500 million downloads, its flagship product Ad-Aware has blocked and removed billions of threats, saving consumers from …

Why do similar companies sell at wildly divergent prices?

Kevin Short is the Managing Partner and CEO of Clayton Capital Partners, a St. Louis-based investment banking firm specializing in merger and acquisition advisement.  Beginning in 2007, Thomson Reuters, FactSet Mergerstat and Investment Dealers’ Digest all ranked Clayton Capital Partners as a top U.S. M&A firm.

Kevin is also the author of, Sell Your Business For An Outrageous Price, published by …

This is the gold rush of digital marketing.

American Injury Attorney Group ("AIAG") is changing the way you find a lawyer and changing the way lawyers market online. Rather than charging for marketing services, AIAG is a performance marketing company. They acquire business, give it away, and only make money when the client makes money.

AIAG swims upstream in the marketing and advertising verticals by putting their money where …

MOXIE is the guts, gumption and determination focused toward achieving a defined goal

John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership educator, executive coach and speaks throughout North America and Europe.

John is the author of more than a dozen books, including MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, Lead with Purpose, Lead Your Boss, and The Leader’s Pocket Guide. In 2014, Trust Across America named him to its list of top 100 most …

“We live now in a service economy, so the people you hire are now no longer your greatest asset, they are your only asset.”

Bolster Life Group specializes in fostering leadership on an individual, corporate and community level. BLG Inc. provides tools, seminars and programs that help individuals and corporations to break through the barriers that are keeping them from realizing greater success, so that they live more fulfilling lives and impact their businesses, communities and the world around them in extraordinary ways.

BusinessInterviews.com: You …

“When you provide both trust and great-tasting products with transparency, consumers will respond with loyalty!”

Ian’s mission is to be the leading provider of high-quality, all-natural, allergy-friendly foods consumers can trust. Their mission is also their passion, so they take sincere pride in providing you with quality foods that you’ll truly enjoy.


BusinessInterviews.com: Why do you think that we’ve seen such a large increase in food allergies over the last decade?

Chuck: Over 15 million people suffer …

Only mutually beneficial relationships are successful.

Escrow.com President, Brandon Abbey

Headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, Escrow.com and its operating subsidiaries provide online escrow services that facilitate and accelerate e-commerce by assuring a secure settlement.

Escrow.com is a privately held company that has pioneered the process of online escrow services. The Company, founded in 1999 by Fidelity National Financial, has established itself as one of the leading providers of secure business …

“Our audience base consists of hundreds of thousands of eager, qualified consumers who come to our site ready and able to buy things — and retailers that cater to their interests will enjoy increased traffic and sales figures as a result.”

Clarus Marketing Group creates and markets high-value subscription programs designed to save consumers time and money. Clarus Marketing is one of the pioneers of creating free shipping and subscription-based solutions for e-commerce businesses seeking to ease consumers’ concerns about high shipping costs.

Their flagship site, FreeShipping.com, was built on a simple notion: Free shipping drives e-commerce sales. To date, Clarus Marketing …

“Success is not measured in dollars and cents, but rather in terms of how determined you are to persevere, how committed you are to maintain an unbending integrity, and how willing you are to stay the course when surrounded by doubters.”

Bobby Moulton has spent his career in the storage industry building global alliances, defining sales strategy and establishing brand name recognition for market leading products. As one of the founders of Seven10 Storage Software, Bobby draws from his significant years of executive leadership at Smart Storage and OTG, where his leadership in sales resulted in successful exits for each company.

Seven10 …

“Specializing in digital from the start”

Matchbox Design Group was founded in 2006 by Brent Feldman and Cullen Whitmore. During the past eight years they have grown into a highly specialized six-person team that focuses on digital marketing, web design and web development.

Over the past two years, they’ve amplified their web services by offering a full-range of search engine optimization (SEO) solutions to their clients. SEO …

We would like valuations.com to shed light on the “what’s my business worth” question

Valuations.com was founded by three business owners that wanted to understand the value of their company without having to spend a lot of time and money for it. By developing a formula that only requires minimal information; they created an easy method for business owners to discover anonymously the worth of their company.

Merging the backgrounds of a Chartered Financial Analyst …

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