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“Perhaps someone may think it is overkill for a tiny indie jewelry shop, but if you think small that is what you will always be!”

Meet Christine Lorenzo she is a passionately obsessed jewelry maven who adores eclectic craft, not only her own work but tends to get carried away once she discovers other artists of any genre who are just as passionate and open to the world of art she adores. Christine will tell you she has been seeking something creative to sink her …

…“funding” isn’t always going to be cash, it may be resources of a different kind.”

Charles Green began working in his parent’s small business at age 8 and attended many “board meetings” around the dinner table. Today he is a recognized small business authority with over 30 years of advising, financing and investing in entrepreneurs. He consults with business owners and bankers, writes about financial topics and teaches finance through seminars and conferences.

Charles authored several …

“The “value” of our knowledge depends on who wants to buy our expertise and how much they are willing to pay for it.”

Jill Douka is a Life Coach, Workshop Leader and Author. Jill is a member of International Coach Federation and International Coach Academy ambassador. She is considered by the press one of Greece’s most acclaimed coaches. She is part of the European Business Mentors program.

She is Greek Canadian, has been working in the Human Resources field since 2003 and has recruited, …

The Art of the Opener

written by MO.com Subject Matter Resource Luke Jones

As the speaker appears on the stage, the audience quiets down. There is a very brief moment of silence as the audience waits for the speaker to utter the first words.

What follows is absolutely crucial.

The speaker has his moment, his initial phrase, to establish credibility and his favor with his viewers. It is …

“Organizations can re-establish trusting relationships by establishing open communication amongst management and individual contributors.”

Dr. Dwayne Jakes is Founder and International Managing Director of Dwayne D. Jakes & Associates Management Systems, LLC. During Dr. Jakes twenty- year career he has been recognized as a Forward Thinker, Consultant, Professor, Speaker, and Executive. Dr. Jakes is Area Chairman, Management, Operations Management, Project Management, and Global Management, School of Business. Additionally, he facilitates Graduate and Undergraduate Business …

“Blurring the lines of work and play, we help you work less and play more!”

Matthew Clark is the founder and Director of Business Development at Damang Media Group. Damang initially started as a graphic design shop in 1998 and has evolved into an all encompassing media solution provider.

Damang Media Group is helping clients utilize technology to allow businesses and staff to have more time, more revenue and less IT infrastructure. “Teaching business to work …

“We’re professional multitaskers, we know how to ask others for help, and we often don’t take no for an answer.”

A sought-after speaker, Jill Salzman has been featured in national media outlets including People Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Daily Candy Kids, Business Matters, WGN TV and WAHM Talk Radio. Her TED talk, Why Moms Make The Best Entrepreneurs, received rave reviews. She was recently named one of the Top 50 Women To Watch In Tech. Jill’s been profiled in several …

Spring Training for Your business!

Written by William G Wysong, Legal Intern to MO.com Subject Matter Resource Deborah Sweeney, CEO

While it is still technically winter, the 85 degree weather here in Southern California can fool you otherwise with the smell of fresh cut grass and with kid’s soccer and baseball games starting up practice at local parks.

Just as spring is the start of new …

“Everyone should have access to a quality education.”

Daniel Breiner is the Marketing and Communications Director for WyzAnt. Working with WyzAnt co-founders and other WyzAnt decision makers, Daniel is focused on enhancing WyzAnt’s user experience and expanding WyzAnt’s network of tutors and students.

WyzAnt, Inc. is an online marketplace matching students with qualified private tutors for in-person tutoring. Students and parents can review and compare tutor bios, student reviews, …

“Being someone who never likes to get the 2nd best deal or offer, I felt that the Internet was a great tool to assist with comparing information.”

Chris Mettler, CompareCards - Founder & President

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The marketplace for domain names.

Chris Mettler, founder and president of CompareCards.com, has been educating consumers on managing credit and personal finances since the launch of the site in 2005. After working with companies like global manufacturer Illinois Tool Works, launching a successful web-based company and graduating with a Masters in Business …

“The Accidental Entrepreneur.”

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Mavens & Moguls was founded by Paige Arnof-Fenn. Paige was formerly VP of marketing at Zipcar. She was responsible for all branding, corporate communications and corporate partnerships for the business and was instrumental in the fundraising efforts for this early stage company. Previously, she was VP of …

“The entrepreneur is a person who recognizes that no matter who signs his or her paycheck, he or she is always self-employed.”

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The marketplace for domain names.

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Brian has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 5,000,000 people in 5,000 talks and seminars throughout the US, Canada and 55 other …

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