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“Fitness can’t be found in a pill or the latest celebrity success article but rather a lifestyle.”

Trainology Fitness is Owned and Operated by Michael Wollpert, who has over 15 years of coaching, personal training and group fitness experience. Michael has hand-picked each Coach and Trainer who works at Trainology. They come from a variety of backgrounds and core focus areas. All have a minimum of five years’ experience in addition to being highly certified and experienced to help meet your goals.


BusinessInterviews.com: How did you know that the time was right to start your own fitness studio?

Michael: The feeling that I needed to change my business happened over several months. I noticed my personal training clients schedules were so challenged that many times I had no choice but to combine clients and offer a bit less tailored workout but still was able to help them hit their goals together. With so many years of group fitness teaching 10-18 classes a week (group) I knew that my gut was on the right track; It was time to open TRAINology ~ a boutique group training studio with a maximum of 16 people and the average cost around $20.

BusinessInterviews.com: Can you talk about the process of developing a schedule of your own signature classes and how that helps separate you from the competition?

Michael: There are A LOT of workouts out there with great concept but not welcome to everyone. I like the competition of a cross fit but I feel you shouldn’t train that way daily/weekly but rather something you can have a program to train up to a similar competition. Power workouts are dangerous and for a very small population. Interval training is really where the market is at right now. It is a intense workout that hits your whole body and cardio system and can have great results with a few workouts a week. My twist, you can still have an interval without sprinting all the time. Enter Hike and Glide concept. Hiking burns a huge amount of calories with a low impact to the legs. Glide is also low impact and also offers the added benefit of a lateral movement. Everyone can benefit from changing the direction of their cardio based movements; helps inner/outer thighs and helps runners/bikers find muscular balance from overuse issues. Four Classes were developed (Train, Hike, Glide and Hike-Glide) all interval based cardio/strength 10 to 15 minute intervals. We have also adopted the MyZones Heartrate Wifi system in our studio. This Wifi Heartrate system tracks your every beat throughout class. It records your five different heart rate zones and even has a Effort Point System to measure/track and compare your workouts. The principle of training smarter and not harder and there is no purchase necessary.

BusinessInterviews.com: How has your perception of fitness changed or evolved since you first started your career as a professional athlete?

Michael: I think the concept of fitness has changed drastically. When I was a lower case M it was hard to even find the information of how to train for a simple 5k run. Now the information is everywhere with conflicting views, strategies and ‘proven’ results. The glamorous articles of how to lose 10 pounds in a week is not a reality. Fitness can’t be found in a pill or the latest celebrity success article but rather a lifestyle. Set a goal. Find the information that fits your needs, consult a professional and go get it.

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