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Update from our friends at TicketStub.com

Ira Zoot Founder of TicketStub.com

Quick update from one of our past interviews, Ira Zoot:

I am pretty excited with the new TicketStub.com site update … we were able to get
quite a few new features into it. The main focus was to make the site cleaner as well as making it easier to find events.

Our goal was to create a better user experience by adding the ability to:

– Post reviews to at TicketStub.com
– Post reviews to our Facebook page
– Save viewed event pages to their profile pages (for later purchase)
– All new interactive seating charts
– Less crowded event/ticket listings
– And we added a new iPhone app for the site

We’re excited with our latest website updates and we are confident the visitors and customers of TicketStub.com will gain significant benefit from the newly added features.

Some of our focus will now be to get visitors and customers more  engaged on our new Facebook page, having people use it to offer more suggestions, comments and to get some good event discussion threads going…   getting a small community going.

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