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Valerie Jennings

Valerie Jennings

Jennings Social Media Marketing was founded in June 2003 and is a full service company that utilizes the art of online storytelling with the science of measuring quantifiable results. JSMM creates comprehensive social media marketing, mobile, Web videos and website design and development strategies. The company represents publicly traded to medium-sized businesses across the U.S. and overseas including technology, automotive, sports sustainability, entertainment, travel, financial, health care and real estate.

Valerie Jennings is the founder and CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing. She started the company in June 2003 from her home in Overland Park, Kan., and now, the CEO works with an exclusive client list from around the world, developing trade secret information based on measurable outcomes. Jennings knows that without research and development per company, there will never be enough intelligence to satisfy marketing objectives, which is why the social media marketing world is one of the most effective ways to increase success. Clients can expect Jennings to assume the lead as necessary when it comes to implementing the most sophisticated forms of marketing via social media vehicles. Her comfort for web-based strategies resides in Jennings’ successes that originated before the birth of social media marketing.

Her first experiences with social media came from an online storytelling campaign she managed for a sports client who requested the company attracted international traffic and opt-ins via the website. She combined her public relations knowledge with Internet technology and achieved successful results. From that point onward, Jennings never hesitated to incorporate the best of both worlds, and currently, uses storytelling, the Web and data to execute successful marketing strategies.

Her passion for journalism started as a former award-winning print journalist, published author, news anchor and TV producer, and Jennings’ grassroots philosophies come from her work in public affairs at the federal, state and city government levels. She has represented, managed or consulted for more than 20 political candidates and government officials in the District of Columbia, Minn. and Iowa.