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“We help our customers achieve their dream/vision.”

With a background in retail furniture, Vlad Spivak established Modern Line Furniture in 1999 when he recognized a demand for contemporary furniture in the commercial realm. Based upon the specific needs of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, he and his design team engineered furniture that would be modern, luxurious and affordable.

Modern Line Furniture is a leading designer and manufacturer in modern, modular contemporary furniture at factory direct prices. They specialize in providing innovative, modern modular furniture solutions in both indoor and outdoor commercial grade furniture collections. The award winning furniture design firm offers a wide range of in-stock and custom product order programs tailored to meet their clients’ needs.

Vlad Spivak, Modern Line Furniture - CEO

MO: How did your interest in design start?

Vlad: My interest in design started because I wanted to deliver happiness to my customers based on their requests. Clients came to me with their visions and I was able to design what they wanted to make their dream a reality. I answer to my clients’ requests.

MO: How have you managed to stay in business during the tough economy and also able to expand into other industries while other companies are struggling?

Vlad: I was able to remain an industry leader and expand into other markets because of my dedication to hard work, hiring and retaining the right people, the right growth strategy, a little bit of luck and versatility of the product offerings.

By having modular products with only 2 to 3 pieces, clients are able to build any composition and change it as often as they like. This allows for businesses to purchase what they can and continue purchasing modular pieces to create the look that they desire.

MO: How have trends evolved and clients’ needs changed since you started over 10 years ago?

Vlad: Clients’ needs have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Clients are looking for more functionality, durability and versatility of the products. Products now need to have a more sophisticated look.

MO: I looked on your website and very impressed with your furniture range. How do you manage to stay so competitively priced?

Vlad: We are very competitively priced because we buy in bulk servicing customers both nationally and internationally. We are able to pass the savings on to our customers.

MO: Have you ever been surprised or inspired by the request of a client?

Vlad: Yes. I am always inspired by some of the clients’ ideas and based on some of their ideas, I build products that make them very pleased. The client appreciates when their idea is converted into life and they get their own creation back to their establishment. We help our customers achieve their dream/vision.

MO: How would breaking into the hotel industry impact your company? Aside from an increase in clients is there anything specific about the hospitality business that excites you?

Vlad: Breaking into the hotel industry has impacted us dramatically. We started thinking differently. We have started designing more hotel-focused products that have another level of sophistication. We have made a lot of changes to adopt to this category like offering a variety of colors, more outdoor fabrics, fire-rated code foam, etc. Everyone wants to be their own designer so we work with hotels to design exactly what they are looking for.

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