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“A CFO is forward looking, while your CPA is past looking. Both are important members of your management team.”

Not every company is big enough to need a full-time Chief Financial Officer, but they still need financial guidance! Wayne Spivak and the team at SBA * Consulting have come to the rescue for these small businesses. SBA * Consulting® can provide part-time or interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services to mid-size down to start-up (SMB) businesses, whether B2B or B2C.

SBA * Consulting do more than provide interim CFO services, they also assist either buyer or seller involved in a M&A. They plan to grow quickly in terms of offices and sales and have already found 50 highly qualified CFOs to join their team.

Wayne Spivak SBA * Consulting LTD - Managing Consulting CFO


MO: Can you explain to our readers why a company would need your services?

Wayne: A CFO is forward looking, while your CPA is past looking. Both are important members of your management team. A CFO does the high-level cash flows, financials, is the representative to your lenders, bankers, important vendors and customers where the financial health of the company is concerned.

MO: What in your background makes you qualified to run SBA * Consulting?

Wayne: I have been in accounting and management for over 25 years; running SBA * Consulting for 20 years. During that time I have been the defacto CFO/CIO/Controller of multiple companies where I was the consultant.

MO: How have you had such wonderful success in finding 50 other CFO’s to join you?

Wayne: Hard work and networking within a group called the Financial Executives Networking Group.

MO: Why would a company use your service for an acquisition?

Wayne: We are involved in preparing or performing the due diligence. This is the part of the buy/sell cycle where review of not only the financial documents take place, but the validity of the company’s business rules, systems, procedures and standing in the community and morale of the staff. Depending on the type of buy/sell will require different types of due diligence.

What is unique is that SBA * Consulting CFO’s bring a finance/operational point of view to the process. We’ve worked in businesses. In fact we have over 45 practice areas. Many of our CFO’s have been through this process, from both sides, some multiple times.

MO: What has been your biggest challenge in starting SBA * Consulting?

Wayne: As in any new business venture, it’s organizational, selling and marketing. We made the business plan, branded the company, designed the web site, began identifying the talent and all the while creating relationships that would bring in leads that ultimately would become sales. Quite an undertaking! While at the beginning it was just a single individual, now we have a Sales Manager, three salesman, and four (4) Relationship Managers who run six of the twelve offices we have opened or in the process of opening. It is truly a group effort.

MO: What do you enjoy most about running this company?

Wayne: I work with some talented individuals and together we make decisions that will affect the profitability of not only the business but all involved. It is a challenge, aggravating at times but quite rewarding…Which will hopefully be extremely rewarding for our Management team, our Consulting CFO’s and ultimately our Clients, because “Financial Growth is Good!”

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